Market Report 5th October

A very wet Tuesday didn’t deter customers from coming to Leek with improved trade in the Lamb sections as well as calves seeing a superb trade!!

Lambs sold very well up to 287p/kg or £163.44 with a good entry forward. Ewes cold on a competitive trade, up to £154.

More Barren cattle about and trade slightly easier on the week, but plenty of buyers with a top price of 156p/kg for Limousins and clean cattle to 231p/kg.

Trade for Calves gets better week on week, with some excellent prices being achieved up to £430 for British Blue bulls and heifers to £320.

A selective trade for Dairy cattle with a second calver to £1810 and heifers to £1740.

A lot more pigs this Tuesday and trade down on the week, the best getting up to 118p/kg.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Trade a little less on last week but some good prices achieved. Top price of 156p/kg for a 800kg Limousin from J W Hudson, Ipstones with a 655kg Limousin at 155p/kg from C H Barnsley, Morridge who sold another 730kg Limousin for 144p/kg.

A 575kg Aberdeen Angus realised 145p/kg ro P Ritter & Sons, Peak Forest, with a 760kg Hereford at 140p/kg for B Higginson, Swythamley and a 710kg Angus at 140p/kg for D H Jones & Son, Barnshaw and a 655kg Angus at 139p/kg for P Ritter & Sons.

Other top prices;
137p 835kg Hereford – A E & K Simpson, Winkhill
137p 865kg Holstein – DJ & KL Leadbetter, Sudbury
137p 715kg Hereford – B W Swindells, Onecote
130p 645kg Simmental – JL & NT Walker, Matlock
129p 495kg Simmental – JL & NT Walker, Matlock

Overall average of 112.68p/kg or £723.77 per head.

Top headage price of £1248 for the 800kg Limousin from J W Hudson, with Holsteins to £1185.05, and Herefords at £1143.95 and £1064.
Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A small entry sold to 231p/kg for a 590kg Limousin heifer from J W Hudson, Ipstones to gross £1362.90. The British Blue heifers realised 194p/kg and 189p/kg for R J Critchlow, Grindon.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092);
A very unpredictable trade for milker saw the best to £1810 for a second calver from Messrs Bradburn of Orrell, Wigan, with a heifer from Derek Davenport of Sandbach at £1740.

Entries are now being taken for the Pedigree sale in a fortnight which includes the Autumn Shorthorn Show & Sale.

PIGS (144);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A drop in trade this week, with averages back by 15-20 pence. Pork pigs topped the day at 118p/kg for 73kg pigs from DJ Pope Ltd, Thame. Cutters sold to 108p/kg for J & B Fentem for 76kg pigs with others from the same home at 107p/kg, 106p/kg, 104p/kg twice and a pair of 77kg pigs at 106p/kg for D J Pope Ltd.

Bacon pigs topped at 115p/kg for a trio of 101kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch who also sold a 103kg pig at 114p/kg and a trio of 96kg pigs at 109p/kg. 91kg pigs made 114p/kg for D J Pope Ltd and a 89kg pig at 109p/kg for J & B Fentem. Heavier pigs sold up to 106p/kg for 105kg pigs from Philip Kelsall, and a 111kg at 103p/kg for J & B Fentem.

Cull sows sold up to 45p/kg for a 352kg sow from D J Pope Ltd and a 270kg sow at 40p/kg for P J Saunders, Lichfield, and a 274kg sow at 38p/kg for Ray Rowlinson.

Pork Pigs (2); av 118p/kg or £86.73/head
Cutting Pigs (32); av 93.50p/kg or £75.22/head
Bacon Pigs (93); av 93.67p/kg or £88.81/head
Heavy Pigs (11); av 81.97p/kg or £104.02/head
Cull Sows (2); av 40.05p/kg or £112.93/head
Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A modest entry sold on a solid trade throughout! Many more could have been sold with a couple of regular orders unable to get started.

Best lambs regularly 250p and better topping at 287p or £163.44 per head. All sorts well bid for providing that they were meat. It certainly pays to give them some corn to get the required finish.

Overall average of 239p/kg for a wide cross selection of lambs on offer.

Sample prices;
259p 38.5kg A Shaw, Sturston
258p 39kg M & C Hall, Sheen
256p 38.6kg GW & SM Pattinson, Weaver
287p 43kg R M Hardy, Cauldon Lowe
278p 42kg G Redfern, Onecote
268p 45kg J F Kirkham, Hartington
266p 44.5kg PGR Sales, Leek
280p 48kg D Williams, Basford
271p 51.2kg Smith & Wardman, Longnor
265p 53kg D Williams, Basford
258p 55.6kg A P Williams, Offley Hay
234p 62kg M Turner, Waterhouses

Another bumper entry with perhaps buyers a little more selective but certainly a competitive trade throughout.

Best Texel’s to £154 for A P Williams, Eccleshall with others at £153 from the same home. Better Texel’s generally £130 and better. Best Mules to £115, leaner mules heavily discounted.

Overall average of £81/head.

CALVES (150);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);
Another good show of numbers this week although quality thin on the ground. Trade absolutely amazing and equally as good, if not better than last week.

39 Continental Bulls av £310.53
Bidders galore right through the sale with calves perhaps getting dearer as we went on. 10 best topped £355 including the best 3 over £400 with strong 2 month olds at £430 and fresh posh (38 Days) Blues from Brian Goodwin at £420. Medium bulls £250 – £350 with just a handful of bulls under £250.
26 Blues av £320 to £420 – N E Goodwin & Son
3 Sims av £358 to £410 – S & M Huxley & Son
9 Lims av £255 to £280 – NG, JMH & H Mellor
1 Char to £390 – D & G Tudor

21 Continental Heifers av £233.57
Similar to last week, super trade with the top 10 over £270. Strong Simmentals from Messrs Huxley sold at £320, £300 and £290 with smart Blues to £290 3 times. Just 5 under £200.
14 Blues av £239 to £290 – N E Goodwin & Son
NG, JMH & H Mellor (x2)
3 Sims av £303 to £320 – S & M Huxley & Son
4 Lims av £160 to £275 – NG, JMH & H Mellor

59 Natives
A bumper show and trade.
11 Here Bulls av £183 to £325 – J & W Knight
22 AA Bulls av £109 to £290 – C V Whilock & Sons
7 Here Heifers av £103 to £195 – PT Beswick
19 AA Heifers av £90 to £195 – W Millington & Co

31 Black & White Bulls av £78.62
A trio of British Friesian Bulls sold at £178, £145 and £140 for Ian Gregson, Hanbury, Shorthorns to £180, Holsteins to £130 and Normande to £150 & £130 x2. Smaller bulls generally £20 – £30 today.

Sale of 582 Store & Breeding Cattle
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Next Sale – Saturday 23rd October
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