Market Report Tuesday 11th July

A warm thundery July day saw a good trade in Leek.

Dairies saw a blistering trade topping at £2920 from the Johnson Family of Longnor.

 Lambs, a seasonal entry saw a solid trade, topping at 282p/kg.

Please keep the numbers coming and Thank you for your continued support.

Pigs, more fat pigs forward saw trade a bit less than previous weeks. An absolute flying trade for Sows.Porkers were in demand, topping at 215p/kg from
J&B Fentem.

Calves saw a magical day with buyers galore and prices beyond all expectations. Top 14 Bulls averaging £400.85!

Barren cows saw a small entry this week, returning an average of 161p/kg.

Similar types sold weekly.



Selling time– 10:00am

Auctioneer –Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry met a very good trade throughout. Again, an entry dominated by dairy cows, but the average still returned at 161p/kg.

Best Black & Whites to £1460.80

Continental feeding cow to 183p/kg.

Many more could be sold each week to the vendors advantage.

PIGS (154);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

More fat pigs forward with numbers good to see. Trade a bit less than previous weeks nonetheless still pleasing prices achieved with averages over 200p/kg. Sows an absolute flying trade.

 Porkers were in demand topping at 215p/kg from J&B Fentem for 75kg pigs, others from the same home to 206p/kg for 73kg pigs. JA&B Minshull had pigs to 202p/kg.

 Cutting pigs topped at
220p/kg from J Ball, Betchton for 84kg pigs. J&B Fentem had pigs to 215p/kg and JW&B Bennett, Litchfield sold pigs to 211p/kg.

 Bacon pigs sold to 224p/kg from Massie Farms, Stafford for 96 kg pigs, others from the same home to 222, 212×5. DB Goldstraw, Meerbrook sold pigs to 217p/kg twice. Nigel Turner,Kidderminster sold pigs to 212p/kg.

 Heavies topped at 192p/kg for 114kg pigs from A Ellis, Ashbourne others from the same home to 160p/kg. C Blackshaw had pigs to 189p/kg.

 A clean gilt realised 180p/kg for a 240kg gilt.

 Sows topped at 135p/kg for a 226kg pug from MC&E Beattie another 226kg sow from the same home to 120p/kg. Top per head £305.10


Porkers (13);                av 205.06p/kg or £141.49/head

Cutting Pigs (33);         av 201.72p/kg or £164.62head 

Bacon Pigs (96);           av 207.74p/kg or £195.97/head

Heavy Pigs (7);              av 144.53p/kg or £178.60/head

Cull Sows (2);               av127.60p/kg or £284.55 /head.

Cull Boars(2)               av. 30.43p/kg or £75.61/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Blistering Dairy Trade

Commercial Heifers to £2920

Some real quality in TuesdaysDairy Sale at Leek not least 5 exceptional heifers from the Johnson family of Longnor met a blistering trade to top at £2920.

Their first through giving 35kg reached £2920 with the others making £2800, £2780, £2420 and £2380. More quality to come from them next week and not to be missed.

A sweet red and white heifer from Stuart Greenall of Tansley reached £2120.

In-calf heifers from Geoff Forrester of Abbots Bromley topped at £1700.

More numbers are definitely required to satisfy demand. Next week we have two superb entries of youngstock from two of Derbyshire’s great herds. The first a run of 58 from the Cubley Herd of Phillip and Marilyn Critchlow. These are a completely unselected group that are strong for their age and extremely well bred. We also have an entry of 24 Youngstock from the High Yielding Herd of Tom and Sue Flower. Again, very well bred, they are also bringing 6 milkers all of which are worthy of
inspection. So if you are looking for milk or youngsters Leek is the place to be next week!



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert  Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (701);

A seasonal entry saw a solid trade with best lambs still very well bid for and attracting a distinct premium.

Trade generally back on the week, but still average 282p/kg, which early indications show is very respectable on the day.

Best big lambs coming to £145/head and an overall average at £118/head.

Thank you for your continued support and please keep numbers coming.

 Sample Prices:

316p    42.5kg RG & AS Williamson, S-on-T

314p    37.75kg CG Buckston, Derbyshire

312p    42kg Woodward Farming Partners, Lichfield

311p    43.86kg J B Rowlinson, Gawsworth

310p    40kg CG Buckston, Derbyshire

309p    38.67kg R Darlington, Buxton

307p    38kg A Shaw, Ashbourne

305p     45.6kg R J Critchlow, Grindon



A shortage of numbers saw an excellent trade, with an overall average of £114/head for a very mixed sample.

Best Texel to £172, best mules at £110-£125.

More required to satisfy demand!!


 CALVES (122);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

One of those Special Days

Just a magical day around the calf ring with buyers galore and prices beyond all expectations.

 29 Continental Bulls

What a trade with the top 14 Bulls or about half the entry averaging £400.85, just shows the level of trade.

8 best sold over £400 with Peter Gilman at the top with his trio at £435 (x2) and £400 for British Blue.

16 British Blues av. £322 to £435 PF Gilman

8 Simmentals av. £343 to £420 RG & AS Williamson

5 Limousin £310 FE Whittaker & Sons.

 27 Continental Heifers

Just like the Bulls with buyers looking desperate for calves today. The top third of the entry (9 heifers, all Blues) averaged £328.88 and topped at £400 for Andrew

Medium heifers £200-£250 with just a few less than £200.

17 British Blues av. £265 to £405 DW & P Hulme

9 Limousin £200 BJ & BW Brunt & Sons.

 47 Natives

A big number sold today with heifers looking particularly well sold.

5 Hereford Bulls av. £165 to £240 BE Wain

10 Hereford Heifers av. £118 to £220 AR Jackson

15 Aberdeen Angus Bulls av. £106 to £235 G Baskerville & Co

17 Aberdeen Angus Heifers av. £127 to £220 PE Holmes & Son.

(7 Aberdeen Angus from Messrs Holmes averaged £179)

 15 Black & White Bulls

A posh Friesian made £110 with the majority £30-£50.

 4 Reared Calves

4 reared Limousin (9-10wks) from F Yates, Longford

Heifers sold at £405

Bulls sold at £380




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