Market Report Tuesday 14th November

The Dairy section saw a roaring trade in Leek this week with a top of £2950, 126 head entered with 90 of these from the Carter Family of Rugby.

778 Lambs on sale with a solid trade throughout, with best Lambs up to 320p/kg.

144 Calves on offer with plenty of potential buyers around the ring. Topping the market at £360 was a British Blue Bull.

A stronger trade in the Barren Cows with 50 on offer and plenty of eager buyers around the ring.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A much increased entry and a similar trade, with a good company of buyers around the ring.
Top price of the day was 196p/kg paid for a 635kg Holstein from W E Turnock & Son with a 645kg Wagyu Cow, from W A & K P Bailey of Rushton, exchanging hands for 158p/kg.
Other top prices were:
156p 685kg Montbeliarde WH Townsend & Son
155p 550kg Friesian M Bailey
147p 660kg Charolais G Goodwin
144p 785kg Holstein Robinson Partners
142p 870kg Holstein Robinson Partners
140p 735kg Hereford G Goodwin
Top Headage price of the day was £1244.60 for the Holstein from W E Turnock & Sons with other Holsteins at £1235.40, £1130.40 and £1127.25.

An excellent trade for young bulls, from J E Asher & Sons, topping at 240p/kg for a 575kg Aberdeen Angus X with Friesians up to 235p/kg for a 550kg and 234p/kg for a 540kg.
There were two additional buyers around the ring.
A 490kg Hereford Heifer was well sold at 240p/kg, a 465kg British Blue Heifer realised 225p/kg and a 560kg Aberdeen Angus Steer at 220p/kg.
Top headage price was £1380 for the Aberdeen Angus Bull, £1263.60 and £1292.50 for the Friesian Bulls and £1232 for the Aberdeen Angus Steer.

PIGS (111).
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)
Pigs a touch less on the week, fats, on the whole, a solid trade with pleasing averages returned, topping at 221p. Sows a sharper trade topping at 127p.
Only one porker realised 164p.
Cutting Pigs topped at 207p from R Watson, Chester. J&B Fentem sold pigs to 204p x2. M R Banham sold pigs to 184p. a distinct difference between boars and gilts today with boars generally 180p-190p.
Bacon Pigs topped at 221p from Massie farms who had others to 213p, 212p x3, 211p, 209p, & 208p. S Bailey had pigs to 212p and 207p. JA&B Minshull to 207p.
One heavy to 174p from MR Banham.
Sows topped at 127p from R Mason who had another to 77p. R Rowlinson had a sow to 91p.
Porkers (7) av 164.00p/kg or £114.80/head
Cutting Pigs (33); av 190.13p/kg or £154.00/head
Bacon Pigs (95); av 196.47p/kg or £181.20/head
Heavies (7) av. 170.00p/kg or £178.50/head
Sows (5) av 96.06p/kg or £254.25/head

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
* 126 HEAD SOLD * TOP OF £2950 *
* 43 OVER £2000 * HERD AVERAGE £1986 *
Trade surpassed all expectations at Leek on Tuesday when in addition to the Commercial Entry a fantastic group of 90 Milkers were sold on behalf of the Carter family of Rugby.
Commercial trade saw the best sell well with the second and third quality continuing to be harder to sell, reflecting national trends.
Heading the day was the Mellor family of Earl Sterndale with a 34kg heifer which made £2640 to Andrew Hulme of Basford.
However, no doubt drawn by the superb cows on offer both visually and on paper from the Carters, the trade for the entry set off at a tremendous pace seeing the first through the ring reach £2480 and an amazing 41, nearly half of the total pass £2000.
A fresh Aristocrat daughter topped the day at £2950. Giving 32kg, she caught the eye of Mrs Bailey of Brown Edge who also went on to take a September calved heifer by Rapid at £2720.
Second in line was a fresh second calver by Montana. Giving 30kg she was clinched by Andrew Hulme. The top 10 animals ranged from £2350-£2950 securing an overall average of £1986.
Entries are coming in thick and fast for next weeks Pedigree Sale which includes an entry of 10 young cows and heifers from Brian Needham of Rushton. The sale also features groups of In-calf heifers and youngstock together with a Pedigree Limousin Stock Bull.

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
LAMBS (778)
A seasonal entry sold on another solid trade throughout. The average back slightly from last weeks flier but still looking very good at 268p/kg or £118.52/head.
Best lambs continue to sell at a distinct premium, up to 320p/kg and heavy Lambs also seeing very good bidding, topping at £178.71.
More well finished Lambs of all weights could be sold to the vendors advantage each week.

Sample prices:
299p 36kg I Walker, Stone
298p 38kg EW Lane, Upper Hulme
305p 41kg I Walker, Stone
318p 42.4kg R&S Bailey, Macclesfield
320p 45kg R&S Bailey, Macclesfield
290p 45kg GA Peach, Ashbourne
301p 45.2kg RG&AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
289p 45.7kg CE Smith, Longford
290p 46.2kg FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
287p 48kg KS&JR Burgess, Heaton
292p 52kg RG&AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
286p 55kg RG&AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
280p 55kg W,REA,WD Sessions, Trusley
270p 63kg P Kirkham & IC Bourne, Werrington

A very large entry, selling on a steadier trade, inline with other outlets. The entry was dominated by Mule Ewes which are more difficult to sell, with best types at £85-£100 and less meated types at £60-£70.
Best Texels still good to sell, topping at £152/head and plenty at £140+.
Overall average at £85/head.

CALVES (144)
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
A few extra Calves around and a large ring of potential buyers looking for numbers.
Not as many best calves, with the strongest trade for the younger, fresher Calves with potential.Best Bulls easily over £320 with the best up to £360 for a British Blue from Andrew Hulme. Medium Bulls looked best sold, generally £220-£300 with smaller Bulls seeing plenty of custpmers but at apprpriate prices.
21 Blues av. £220-£360 DW & P Hulme
4 Sims av. £279-£330 TD & DA Higginson
6 Lims av £208-£330 NE Goodwin & Son
1 Chars -£315 F & R Brassington
Stronger money than last week with the better calves looking better sold but also a good trade for the younger sorts. Six better sorts topped £230 with a British Blue from G W Myatt at £270. Medium Heifers £140 -£200 with some very small calves under £100.
27 Blues av. £150-£270 GW Myatt & Partners
1 Sim £255 TD & DA Higginson
2 Lims £127-£135 WH Townsend & Son
Good Calves at good prices.
21 Angus Bulls to £200 PE Holmes & Son
8 Here Bulls to £245 J & W Knight
8 Angus Hfs to £140 PE Holmes & Son
A good Friesian made £114 with the smaller sorts £30-£50.
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