Market Report Tuesday 17th January

A wintery Tuesday sale which saw a very successful Pedigree Dairy Sale with a super entry forward selling to a top price of £3200 and the entire entry averaging £2013!!

A lift in lamb trade which was welcomed this week, seeing an entry of some excellent quality lambs, selling to 306p/kg twice and £146.90 a head. Cull ewes just as in demand and some god prices achieved, up to £180 for ewes and £158 for rams.

Barren cows saw good competition for stock, and again a lift in the average for a mixed entry. Top price of 188p/kg and £1441.50 with bulls to £1991.75.

More calves about and quality calves selling well, with bulls to £440 and heifers to £400, both from S Moss.

Pigs were in less demand this week, seeing a large drop in price as in line with other outlets in the last few days. Bacon pigs topping at 148p/kg.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Another lift in trade and some excellent prices achieved, with an average of 155.12p/kg. Top price today of 188p/kg for a 635kg Angus cow from A E Allcock, Waterhouses who also sold another 175kg Angus for 178p/kg.

Black & whites sold up to 186p/kg for a 775kg Holstein from WSW Mills, Ratcliffe on Wreake and 177p/kg for a 725kg Holstein from WE Turnock & Sons, Onecote.

Other top prices include;
176p 720kg Holstein – P R Lawley, Bagnall
175p 760kg Limousin – A P Freeman, Rugeley
175p 695kg Limousin – A P Freeman, Rugeley
174p 515kg British Blue – S Kidd Farmers, Longnor
171p 720kg Holstein – Morson Bros, Hartington
170p 655kg Limousin – D P Beswick, Ipstones
165p 680kg Angus – C A Davenport, Leekbrook

Top headage price of £1441.50 for the 775kg Holstein from WSW Mills, with others at £1283.25, £1267.20 and £1231.20. Limousins to £1330 and Angus’ to £1272.70.

A 1285kg Hereford bull sold well for 155p/kg to gross £1991.75 for J W Brandrick & Son, Beamhurst.

A OTM Angus steer weighing 615kg sold for 174p/kg for R Edwards, Freehay and a 650kg OTM Hereford steer sold for 170p/kg from A P Freeman, Rugeley.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
A scorching trade at the January Pedigree Sale saw all qualities sell to an exceptional trade to average a superb £2013 which included a number with faults.

A beautiful heifer from the Meldamar Herd of Messrs Shepherd of Bakewell lead the day at £3200 (pictured below). By Swiss Brekem she caught the eye of Will Seabridge who took her home to Barlaston. The Shepherds showed 3 further stylish heifers to make £2720, £2680 and £2420 for the four to average £2715.

The Weston family of Roston, Ashbourne produced a superb run of heifers with the best by Optimal reaching £3050 to Andrew Hulme of Basford with another from the same home by Pos making £3000 to Nigel Moss of Meerbrook. A Moondance daughter giving 35.6kg went to Andrew Neville of Matlock at £2900.

A Wavelength heifer from the Mellor family of Earl Sterndale levelled out at £3000 also to Andrew Hulme.

Next week we have a lovely entry of 36 Holstein Friesians from the Richardson family of Plumley, Knutsford commencing their Herd Dispersal. Strong cows with square udders , there is an abundance of milk having all calved November through to January. See further details below. Catalogues will be on-line shortly.

PIGS (141);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)
Similar numbers to last week with trade significantly down on the week. Some pigs would be 100p/kg cheaper than last week. Top price 148p/kg for 89kg pigs from PF+PD Parsons, Whitchurch. Meated sows once again a good trade with a top price of 68p/kg for a 208kg sow from R Brough, Pikehall.

Porkers, only a handful of porkers on offer top price 110p/kg for a 75kg pig from S Bailey, Knypersley. 65kg pigs from I G foster, Burton-on-Trent realised 58p/kg. A few planer types reflected in the prices.

Cutting pigs topped at 126p/kg for a 78kg pig from S Bailey, Knypersley. PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch had a pair of 88kg pigs to 120p/kg. J&B Fentem, Alsop en-le Dale had 79kg pigs realise 116p/kg, others from the same home realised 110p/kg for 83kg pigs.

Bacon pigs topped at 148p/kg for 89kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch. Massie Farms, Stafford achieved 141p/kg, 140p/kg x2, 136p/kg and 134p/kg for 90-95kg pigs. 92kg pigs from J&B Fentem, Alsop en-le Dale realised 126p/kg.

Heavy Pigs a poor trade, a 122kg pig from J&B Fentem, Alsop en-le Dale realised 84p/kg. J G Belfield had a 112kg pig to 56p/kg.

One Clean Gilt realised 70p/kg weighing 232kg.

Sows were a strong trade, top price 68p/kg for a 208kg sow from R Brough, Pikehall, another 215kg sow from the same home realised 59p/kg. R Rowlinson, Ramshorn, saw 53p/kg for a 283kg sow.

Pig Averages.
Pork Pigs (7) av 65.56p/kg or £44.77/head
Cutting Pigs (32); av 85.21p/kg or £69.58/head
Bacon Pigs (85); av 113.69p/kg or £104.83/head
Heavy Pigs (8); av 46.78p/kg or £66.20/head
Cull Sows (9); av 40.61p/kg or £89.27/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
HOGGETS (698);
Similar numbers to last week and a much improved trade on the week, with prices back up around 20 – 30p/kg more. Top prices over 300p/kg to 306p/kg twice, for 42kg lambs from the Hodgkinson family, Earl Sterndale, and for 46.5kg lambs from James Swindells, Elkstones.

Overall average of 246.74p/kg and SQQ 248.59p/kg. Average headage price of £104.12 & 100% Clearance.

Sample prices;
284p 37.7kg D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook
283p 36kg D & Z Partners, Warslow
306p 42kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Earl Sterndale
299p 43kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill
290p 43.5kg J E Swindells, Elkstones
288p 39.6kg Mosely & Son, Wormhill
306p 46.5kg J E Swindells, Elkstones
302p 47.6kg DH & J Lovatt, Rushton Spencer
290p 48.5kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Earl Sterndale
290p 46.7kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill
260p 56.5kg D H & J Lovatt, Rushton Spencer
252p 56kg D Williams, Basford

A good entry sold on a good trade, seeing Texel ewes to £180 for Roger & Simon Bailey, Rushton and plenty of pens £130 plus. Overall average of £92.58

Rams topped at £158.

CALVES (154);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
More calves on offer and the New Year pricelist has remained good with a good line up of buyers and a solid trade.
54 Continental Bulls
Better numbers and some lovely quality on offer. A trio of best topped £400 with Steve Moss at £440 with a Limousin, Messrs Carthy also had a Limousin at £435 and Andrew Hulme at £410 with a Blue. Medium bulls £220 – £280 with smalls under £200.
29 Blues av £206 to £410 – DW & P Hulme
9 Sims av £215 to £340 – H & E Bailey & Partners
10 Lims av £229 to £440 – S Moss
45 Continental Heifers
Good numbers again but less quality generally than the bulls this week. That said, a very good price throughout. 2 stronger Lims made £400 and £340 for S Moss with the best end generally £180 – £240. Mediums £120 – £170 with just 9 under £100.
32 Blues av £145 to £235 – R Wilkinson & Son
5 Sims av £146 to £198 – S & M Huxley & Son
7 Lims av £179 to £400 – S Moss
27 Natives
Good money and well sold.
6 Hereford Bulls av £126 to £195 – B E Wain
10 AA Bulls av £112 to £152 – CS & J Prince
5 Hereford Heifers av £108 to £115 – R N Oakes
6 AA Heifers av £83 to £118 – O R Prince & Partners
13 Black & White Bulls
One best made £105 with others at £92. Most today £27 – £65 with just a trio less.
16 Reared Calves
Very dear!
Hereford Bulls (x3) at £280 – P Hatton, Betley
Hereford Heifers(x3) at £360 & £315 – P Hatton, Betley
BB Heifers (4mths) at £400 – R Cooper & Son

Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs – 10.30am
Sale of Store & Breeding Goats – 11am
Sale of 458 Store & Breeding Cattle
Catalogue Available Online
On behalf of J F Richardson & Co, Woods Tenement Farm, Plumley, Knutsford
36 HOLSTEIN FRIESIANS commencing the dispersal of the Entire Herd. FRESH MILK all calved Nov- Jan. Strong cows with square bags. Cubicles & Herringbone. Bulk Sample: 4.70%F 3.50%P cc81
(Pictured Below)
Catalogued Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep
Including In-Lamb Sheep
Entries Close Friday 3rd February
News from the Farming Life Centre
Our Prince’s Countryside Fund ‘Farm for the Future programme’ is now underway.
Our next event ‘Clarity on Farm Carbon’ will take place on Tues 31st Jan 7pm –with Becky Wilson of the Farm Carbon Toolkit. Learn where carbon emissions and storage happens on your farm, practical actions you can take to reduce emissions and costs, improve resilience, and understand how your farm stacks up against others to give you an understanding of where to focus on making improvements. Contact Alice on 07904 691457 or to book a place. Free to attend, supper included. Venue: Blaze Farm, Wildboarclough, SK11 0BL.
News from the Peak Farmers Group
NEXT EVENT: ‘Get the Most from your 2023 forage’ @ Matlock Meadows, Snitterton Rd, DE4 2JG on Tues 24th January, 7pm.
Experts from Trouw Nutrition will join us to talk forage quality (be it for silage or grazing), over winter grass growth, forage sampling and analysis, how to supplement and taking a proactive approach to optimise efficiency. Please contact Lorna on 07969 951101 or to arrange and to book your free place. Supper included.

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