Market Report Tuesday 20th June

A rainy Tuesday in Leek did not stop the trade in all sections.

Dairies Trade for Milkers continues to be strong with the best on Tuesday reaching £2280 twice over.

Lambs saw an increase in numbers and trade sharper, topping at 351p/kg returning an average of 301p/kg. Hoggs a lot less in numbers topping at 275p/kg. Ewes remain a strong trade, returning an average of £112.20. and topping at £172.

Pigs A bumper entry of 179 pigs sold once again on a solid trade topping at 233p/kg Sows much sharper, topping at 124p/kg!

Calves remain a buoyant trade with 147 sold, topping at £493 for a Limousin Calf. Quality a little less than previous weeks, nonetheless, a strong trade for all types.

Barren cows topped at 220p/kg for a British Blue from C&EJ Whilock. Similar types sold weekly..

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Talk of cows dropping didn’t seem to be on anyone’s mind with a very good trade throughout.
Barren cows topped at 220p/kg for a British Blue from C&EJ Whilock
Best Dairy cow selling to 199p/kg from RG&AS Williamson and top headage for dairies at £1791. Many more dairy bred types could have been sold to vendors advantage.
Overall average at 160p/kg or £1050. Please bear in mind, this is for a vast majority of dairy cows, many of which are light weight types.
Numbers required each week please.

Other top prices;
199p 700kg W E Turnock & Sons, Onecote –
194p 805kg Friesian – H A Farming Nottingham
187p 735kg Charolais – C&EJ Whilock
186p 410kg Hereford- D & EA Jeffery Ashbourne
180p 995kg Holstein – Robinson Partners Rudyard

Just a single Montbeliarde Bull, selling at 204p/kg.
Clean cattle wanted every week, including best butcher types..

PIGS (179);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)
A bumper entry of 179 pigs today with the majority fat pigs. Fats topped at 233p/kg with those best gilts 225p/kg+ and boars 210p/kg+. Two hevay saddleback clean gilts sold to 145p/kg and a saddleback sow sold to 124p/kg. A few planer, coloured and under finished pigs were reflected in the averages. Nice to see a few new vendors today from as far as Norfolk.

A few more on offer with a lot of underweight and planer types on offer. Top price 233p/kg for 72kg pigs from J&B Fentem, Allsop en-le Dale. K R Britton, Norfolk had 66kg pigs to 232p/kg and 59kg pigs to 220p/kg. B Vernon, Marston Montgomery had 70kg pigs to 231p/kg. Planer coloured types traded at around the 100p/kg mark.

Cutting Pigs
Cutters topped at 231p/kg from J&B Fentem for 78kg pigs a run from the same home to 230p/kg x3. K R Britton, Norfolk had 78kg pigs to 228p/kg. JR Mosedale, Longford had 82kg pigs to 225p/kg.

Bacon Pigs
Bacon pigs were again a serious trade topping at 232p/kg for 87kg pigs from R Watson, Frodsham. Massie Farms, Stafford topped at 230p/kg x2 for 92kg pigs, others from the same home to 229, 228 x6. JG Belefied, Sheen had 88kg pigs to 230p/kg. J&B Fentem also had 89kg pigs to 230p/kg. Generally, 210p/kg + for those best gilts and boars.

Top price 214p/kg from B Minshull, Buxton for a 107kg pig. JG Belfield had a 122kg Boar to 180p/kg. KH Fradley, Belper had a 128kg berkshire boar to 162p/kg.

Clean Gilts
Two clean saddleback gilts weighing 247kg and 274kg realised 145p/kg and 126p/kg from N Slaney, Matlock.
Just the one saddleback sow from R Pedley, Congleton realised 124p/kg weighing 222kg.
Pig Averages.
Porkers (19) av.189.78p/kg or £117.37/head
Cutting Pigs (53); av 196.38p/kg or £157.056/head
Bacon Pigs (96); av 212.68p/kg or £198.23/head
Heavy Pigs (8) av 128.19p/kg or £150.31/head
Clean Gilts (2) av 135.01p/kg or £351.70/head
Cull Sows (1) av. 124.00p/kg or £275.28/head

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
Trade for milkers continues to be strong with the best on Tuesday reaching £2280 twice over.
The first, a Pedigree Heifer from Messrs Shepherd of Bakewell by Westcoast Ardor was sold giving 32kg to Messrs Baskerville of Lichfield. The second was from the Elkin Family of Castle Farm heading to a regular purchaser.

Procross In-Calf heifers from Ollie Jones topped at £2000 due in August with bullers from Alan Shirt to £900. Young Calves were a strong trade peaking at £365.

Two Stock Bulls sold to a really strong trade with a Pedigree Limousin (32mths) from R Darlington making £3350 and a Pedigree Aberdeen Angus from T Ibbotson to £2320.

Next week we have a super herd to sell from Arthur and Helen Mayer with plenty of fresh milk on offer with over 40 having calved in the last 6 weeks.

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A steady increase in numbers met a similar trade. The average a little sharper, but, to be fair, a better show of lambs overall.
Best Lambs saw strong bidding, topping at 351p/kg with better sorts generally 330p and better.
Overall average 301p/kg
Sample prices;
351p 42kg D Williams, Basford
339p 39kg IE M & A Wilson Hollington
339p 37.4kg IE M & A Wilson Hollington
338p 49kg K Sessions, Ashbourne
338p 47kg K A Smith, Derbys
337p 37.5kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
346p 48.8kg D williams, Basford
334p 38.75kg R Darlington, Buxton
329p 44.33kg W M Gregory Buxton
328p 56kg B Vernon, Rocester
301p 58kg S Frith, Ashbourne

HOGGETS (185);
Hoggs coming to an end with not a lot in the way of quantity but plenty of demand, topping at 275p/kg or £163.64/head.
Overall average at 236.5p/kg.

Another good entry met a solid trade throughout. Best sorts to £172/head with heavy ones generally £145 plus Very strong mules to £142/head and very good horned ewes to £106/head .

Overall average returned at £112.20/head.

CALVES (147);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Another good entry and trade strong but generally the overall quantity not just as good as recent weeks.

38 Continental Bulls
All the best 340 and above a sparkling top of £493for Andy and Rob Williams with a Limousin Bull,30 days out of a Blue Cross cow. Other best Blues and Simmentals topped at £395 and £380 for the Turnocks and Huxley. Generally, medium bulls £220-£300.

36 Continental Heifers
A great contingent of buyers could easily have taken more medium and top end calves. Best heifer was a Limousin, 30 days from the Whittaker’s at Bosley.
12 Blues av £170 to £245 – PJ Davies Werrington
9 Sims av £206 to £242 – S&M Huxley
17 Lims av £170 to £285 – FE Whittakker&Sons

A great trade with even an odd Welsh Black to sell. The best Angus and Hereford all £170 plus with a top of nearly £200 .
Fresian Bulls to £95 – FR Platts Bamford
Welsh Black Bulls to £82 – JK Mellor Onecote
6 Hereford Bulls av £185 to £210 C Heath & Sons
10 Angus Bulls av £95 – £170 HG & CA Bloxham Stafford
16 Angus Heifers av £87 to £184 MA Jolliffe Meerbrook

22 Reared Calves
A very varied entry with customers for everything.
Angus weaned Bulls to £285 (3mths) P&A Farming
Hereford weaned Heifers to £230 (4mths) HG& CA Bloxham Stafford
Blue weaned Bulls to £238 (3mths) G&B Thompson Sparrow Pit
Angus weaned Steers to £362 (5mths) A Howe Buxton
Angus weaned Heifers to £350 (4mths) A Howe Buxton

Fortnightly Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Fortnightly Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle
Entries close Friday 30th June
Herd Dispersal (121 Head) on behalf of A & H Mayer, Heakley Farm, Brown Edge, Stoke on Trent comprising 91 Cows & Heifers In-milk & In-calf, 16 In-calf Heifers
and 13 Youngstock. Cubicles & Herringbone. Bulk Sample 3.54%F 3.11%P cc141.

Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs – 10.30am
Sale of Store & Breeding Goats – 11am

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