Market Report Tuesday 21st November

Another superb trade in the Dairy shed at Leek saw the monthly Pedigree Sale top at £2930 and average £1846.

A large entry of Lambs this week with 1183 sold, seeing a strong trade with some spirited bidding throughout with an overall average of 257p/kg.

90 Calves on offer this week, which is a little less than the past couple of weeks but plenty of buyers around the ring with an eagerness to buy, topping at £410.

Firm trade in the Barrens with plenty of buyers around seeing a top headage price of £1216.80.

Similar trade in the Pigs this week with 139 on offer with Porkers looking a particularly good trade at 208p.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

Trade was slightly firmer than last week with again, a good company of buyers around the ring.

Top price of the day was 159p/kg for a 590kg Shorthorn Cow from D & Z Partners of Warslow with a Fleckvieh Cow, from C Heath & Sons of Longsdon, realising 157p/kg.

Other top prices:-

156p    780kg Brown Swiss      DR&A Shuker&Sons

155p    700kg Holstein             GE Brookes&Partners

145p    830kg Holstein             GE Brookes&Partners

141p    750kg Holstein             GE Brookes&Partners

Top headage price was £1216.80 from D R & A Shuker with others £1203.50, £1177.50 and £1174.55.


Only a small entry with a 565kg Hereford Heifer selling well at 219p/kg (£1237.35).

PIGS (139).

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

More pigs entered this week with 139 head sold. Trade similar to previous weeks, topping at 215p for fats. A two-tier trade with gilts generally 200p – 210p and boars 185-195p.

Porkers looked a good trade topping at 208p from J&B Fentem who had others to 205p, 190p and 185p.

Cutters sold to 208p from J&B Fentem, who had others to 205p x2 and boars to 195p x2. R&L Vernon saw 205p for gilts and DB Goldstraw 198p x2 for boars.

Bacon pigs topped at 215p for gilts from J Ball Sandbach. Massie farms had a run to 213p x2, 211p, 210p x4, 209p x2. S Bailey topped at 211p and PF+PD Parsons saw 211p and 210p x2.

A few more heavies in, topping at 170p for a 110kg gilt from S Bailey and 168p for 107kg boars from PF+PD Parsons. Two heavy hoggs sold to 91p and 88p weighing 200kg+ and a 170kg gilt to 94p for coloured pigs from Stapleton Farm Services.

Porkers (11)          av 178.03p/kg or £131.42/head

Cutting Pigs (42); av  184.15p/kg or £146.75/head

Bacon Pigs (77);   av 200.70p/kg or £185.86head

Heavies (7)          av. 112.19p/kg or £186.07/head

Sows (1)              av  78.00p/kg or £170.04/head


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

* 101 DAIRIES * TOP OF £2930 *

* 18 OVER £2000 *

There was some excellent quality on offer and leading the day was a Westcoast Alcove daughter from the Flower family of Friden. Out of an EX90, 50 tonne dam, she was sold giving 42kg and was eventually clinched for £2930 by a regular purchaser.

They also had the top priced cow at £2500, a second calver by Westcoast Ardor giving 48kg going to the same purchaser.

Heifers were keenly sort after with a very pretty Wintersell Titan daughter from Michael Wainwright of Buxton reaching £2560. A CBL Raven daughter from the Marshall family of Swadlincote received a lot of attention. She was eventually purchased by Andrew Hulme of Basford for £2480.

Shorthorns from the Kirkham family reached £1880 to Messrs Preece of Edingale with a second from the same home at £1760.

A really good day overall with trade swift for all qualities and more needed to satisfy demand.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (1183)

A good entry saw a solid trade, although at less levels than we have seen for the last couple of weeks, largely down to the national easing of trade. Also, the quality of Lambs forward not as good as usual, with a lot of weathered Lambs in the entry.

Not withstanding that, some good runs of Lambs forward, seeing spirited bidding. Best Lambs at 280p and better, topping at 294p/kg. Best big Lambs to £165.30.

Overall average at 257p/kg.

Sample prices:

284p    37kg    AJ Gilman, Elkstones

283p    38.3kg RM Hardy, Cauldon Low

285p    39.3kg D Machin, Rudyard

285p    39.8kg SE Howe, Littonslack

288p    44.2kg R Challinor, Dilhorne

290p    44.6kg R&S Bailey, Macclesfield

284p    46kg    R Challinor, Dilhorne

294p    47kg    R&S Bailey, Macclesfield

290p    48kg    M Wright, Hartington

292p    56kg    CH Leeson & Son, Ipstones


A slightly reduced entry but still good numbers forward. Trade generally steadier but perhaps a little more spark in the Continental Ewes.

Best Ewes to £160 and heavy Texels generally £140+. Mule Ewes not so easy to sell, in line with expectations.

Overall average at £75/head.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)       

A lot less on offer but a very fast trade throughout with an army of potential purchases needing more Calves.

Can you help?


Wow, what a trade for all makes and models. One very nice calf from Brian Goodwin topped the day at £410 with the better Bulls generally £275-£335, Mediums
looked well sold at £235-£270 with only a few under £200.

25 Blues av. £238-£410            NE Goodwin & Son

1 Sims   to.           £330            R & J Clowes & Son

1 Chars   to          £335             D & G Tudor


Matched last weeks strong trade with the buyers very keen. Three best British Blues from £275 to £290 for Graham Turnock. Mediums £215-£240 with smaller sorts under £200.

21 Blues av. £168-£290            WE Turnock & Sons

2 Sim      to          £255             J Gould & Son


As strong as ever in Leek!

9 Angus Bulls av £178-£300     S&J Ryder

3 Here Bulls    av £201-£290     C Heath & Sons

10 Angus Hfs  av £87-£245       KW Twemlow & Co


Montbeliarde to £172 and £148 with Holstein to £70 and Dairy Shorthorn to £76.



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