Market Report Tuesday 28th November

A strong trade in the Calves today with good numbers forward and plenty of buyers around the ring, British Blue Bulls topped at £375 and a British Blue Heifer topped at £275.

Trade in the Lambs remaining strong, seeing a few less numbers on offer with the best Lambs topping at 300p/kg.

More pigs on offer this week seeing fats topping at 209p.

Less Dairies around this week but good prices achieved with a second calver achieving £2680 and Heifers up to £1960.

A similar trade to last week for the Barrens, seeing a top price of the day at £1197.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A similar trade seeing a 630kg Limousin, in need of further feeding, topping the sale at 190p/kg for F Potter & Son of Yeaveley.

Holstein cows sold up to 168p/kg for a 605kg cow from JR Johnson & Son of Ipstones with an Aberdeen Angus, from K & A Gould of Thorncliffe, weighing 725kg, achieving 149p/kg.

Other top prices:-

145p    695kg Longhorn           F Potter & Son

144p    650kg Longhorn           F Potter & Son

140p    645kg Holstein             GE Brookes&Partners

140p    785kg Holstein             JW Campbell

Top headage price of the day was £1197.00 for F Potter & Son’s Limousin with Holstein up to £1099 for JW Campbell.


Plenty of competition for those on offer, seeing a top price of 258p/kg for a 485kg Charolais Heifer, with a 445kg Hereford Heifer from, W R Turnock & Sons of Onecote, selling up to 196p/kg for 490kg.

A 475kg Simmental Steer, from K A Gould of Thorncliffe, achieved 236p/kg and a 715kg British Blue Steer from G W Mellor of Sutton, requiring further feeding, exchanged hands for 204p/kg.

Top headage price was £1458.60 for Mr Mellor’s Steer with Heifers up to £1251.30.

PIGS (144).

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

An increased entry saw 144 pigs on offer. A few plainer sorts on offer today, none the less, still a solid trade throughout with fats topping at 209p and. sows to 140p.

More porkers this week, top price of 208p, from B Elkin, Hilderstone, who had others to 201p and 284p. J&B Fentem had pigs to 205, 202 &201p. Iron Age pigs to 68p.

Cutters topped at 201p from J&B Fentem, who had others to 185, 184,183,180. D B Goldstraw saw 294p for boars. B Elkin saw 180p for boars.

Bacon Pigs to 209p, from Massie Farms, who had others to 207,204×5, 203, 202. B Vernon saw 206p JA&B Minhsull saw 205p and S Bailey to 204p.

Heavies to 160p for 120kg pigs, JR Mosedale saw 148p for heavy pigs.

Sows were a sharper trade to 140p (£420) for a 300kg sow from R Rowlinson and 91p (£273) for F Sharpely for 300kg sows.

Porkers (25)          av  170.54p/kg or £116.58/head

Cutting Pigs (41);   av  166.39p/kg or £133.93/head

Bacon Pigs (69);     av  192.91p/kg or £184.13head

Heavies (5)            av. 145.70p/kg or £182.42/head

Sows (2)                av  115.50p/kg or £346.50/head


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Another bouncy trade for milkers saw a lovely second calver, from the Broomhouse Herd of Messrs Eason, reach £2680. They also had another second calver to £1960.

Heifers topped at £1960 from Andrew Mills of Ratcliffe on Wreake.

Herd sale booked for a fortnights time with entries already being taken for the Christmas Show and Sale on 19th December.


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (875)

Slightly fewer numbers, likely due to the fall in trade over the preceding few days, deterring vendors from gathering Lambs.

A lot of Lambs forward today which are looking weathered, unsurprising given how many dry days we have had in the last month!!

Trade remaining solid throughout for better finished and shaped Lambs, topping at 300p/kg, and plenty at 280p and better. Best big Lambs topping at £167.70.

Overall average at 225p/kg only 2p back on the week, comparing very well to the national trend.

Sample prices:

290p    37kg    I Walker, Stone

290p    38.7kg I Walker, Stone

286p    39kg    RJ Critchlow, Grindon

293p    39.5kg L Renshaw&IS Brassington

285p    41.1kg B Vernon, Rocester

290p    42.3kg CE Smith, Longford

290p    45kg    FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

300p    45.2kg R&S Bailey, Macclesfield

300p    45.6kg R&S Bailey, Macclesfield

270p    52.3kg W,REA&WD Sessions, Trusley

290p    53.3kg FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

285p    56kg    DC&ME Andrews, Flash

259p    59kg    W,REA&WD Sessions, Trusley



A lot less forward, seeing a sharper trade generally but still back on the prices we have been used to.

Best Ewes to £150 for Texels and plenty at £120-£140 but second quality types, particularly Mules and hill breeds, remain difficult to sell well.

Overall average up £10/head to £84.

CALVES (125)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)       

Better numbers and a fantastic trade this week with a big number of farmer buyers looking for calves and lifting prices across the board.



They set off fast and remained dear until the end with all calves looking better sold, 8 better Bulls topped £330 with a high of £375for an Andrew Hulme special Blue. Medium Bulls £230-£300 with just a few plainer bred calves less money.

26 Blues av. £264-£375            DW & P Hulme

1 Sims   to.           £250            DR&A Shuker& Sons

4 Lims    av  £190-£350            FE Whittaker & Sons

2 Char/blo to        £285             S Bailey

2 INRA 95 av £267-£285          J Hughes


Dearer on the week with some astonishing prices achieved. Andrew Hulme did the double with his Heifer at £275 with 4 best today over £240. Medium Heifers ‘trade of the day’, £150-£200 with the smaller and younger sorts under £120.

23 Blues av. £165-£275            DW & P Hulme

4 Sim      av  £141-£260             PN Holdcroft

5 Lim      av  £87  -£240           DR&A Shuker& Sons


Aberdeen Angus Bulls strong money with many again wanting the Natives.

9 Angus Bulls av £166-£210     C Heath & Sons

4 Here Bulls    av £115-£200     C Heath & Sons

2 Linc              av £147-£225     Birch Bros

7 Angus Hfs    av £76  -£105     J Moor

7 Here Hfs       to           £108     G & E Critchlow


Better sorts to £100 with the majority £24-£50.



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