Market Report Tuesday 2nd May

A quieter sale day for the May bank holiday Tuesday this week and some excellent prices achieved in all sections.

1107 sheep forward and saw an excellent trade throughout following the end of festival season.

In the barren section, the top price of 227p/kg for a Charolais cow and £1645.75 per head.

A small entry of Dairies sold up to £2420 for a fresh 32kg heifer.

A strong enquiry for calves this week, with less forward, seeing the best to £395 for a Simmental bull and Blue heifers to £306.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
Trade continues on a high with some excellent prices. Top price of 227p/kg for a 725kg Charolais from Home Farm, Rushton Spencer, who also sold a 585kg Charolais at 215p/kg. A 740kg Blonde cow realised 219p/kg for J Gilman & Partners, Bosley.

Holsteins sold up to 193p/kg for a 670kg cow from P N Holdcroft, Brown Edge, with a 545kg Holstein from S E Greenall, Matlock. A 800kg Montbeliarde sold for 185p/kg from WG & J Clark, Bradnop. Other black & whites generally 160-185p for stronger sorts and less below 140p/kg.

A 725kg Hereford cow sold for 190p/kg from MJD Farms, Alstonefield who also sold a 730kg Limousin for 188p/kg.

Overall average of 174.03p/kg and £1091.84 per head.

Top headage price of £1645.75 for a Charolais cow from Home Farm, with Blondes to £1620.60, Montys to £1480, Herefords to £1377.50 and Limousins to £1372.40. Black and Whites to £1314.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
A lovely 32kg heifer from Brian Needham of Rushton Spencer topped the day at £2420 to Messrs Robinson, Rudyard. They also went on to take another heifer from Messrs Wayne of Ible at £2200 who also had a second heifer to £2180 to Messrs Harrison.

PIGS (110);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)
Trade remains on fire for pigs. Fats to 216p/kg and top headage £210.53. Sows to 70p/kg. 110 head sold today with all types in demand.

Fat Pigs
Porkers an absolute flying trade topping at 216po/kg for a 65kg pig from JA&B Minshull, Buxton. A 72kg pig realised 209p/kg from Robinson Partners, Tatenhill. C Blackshaw had 62kg and 60kg pigs to 200p/kg.

Cutters topped at 205p/kg for 77kg pigs from J&B Fentem, Alsop En-Le Dale. Who had a run at 201p/kg x2 & 198p/kg.

Baconers again were a strong trade with numerous pens over 200p/kg. Top price 208p/k x2 from Massie Farms, Stafford for 93kg and 94kg pig others from the same home to 206p/kg x2, 205p/kg & 204p/kg x2. S Bailey, Knypersley had 83kg pigs to 206p/kg. A Scott, Knutsford had 93kg pigs to 205p/kg

Heavies a strong trade topping at 182p/kg for 108kg pigs from A Scott, Knutsford. J&B Fentem had a 108kg pig to 182p/kg and M Banham, Bromsgrove has 108kg pigs to 191p/kg.

Cull Sows
More cull sows on offer this week top price a run from PJ Barker, Charnwood topping at 70p/kg x5.

Pig Averages.
Porkers (6) av.194.98p/kg or £130.31/head
Cutting Pigs (24); av 185.60p/kg or £151.96/head
Bacon Pigs (67); av 195.49p/kg or £186.56/head
Heavy Pigs (5) av 181.60p/kg or £196.13/head
Cull Sows (8) av. 57.69p/kg or £123.54/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
Great to see more lambs forward and selling on a solid trade with the best to 441p/kg and £193.66 per head.

Sample prices;
410p 39kg T J Nicholls, Stone
400p 38kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
441p 41.2kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
440p 39.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
440p 39.5kg C Hall, Sutton on the Hill
420p 44kg J & GJ Fryer, Horton
418p 44.5kg J & GJ Fryer, Horton
418p 46.3kg S W Jennings, Knutsford

HOGGETS (706);
Plenty of trade for hogget’s and a strong entry selling up to 369p/kg and £196.02.

Sample prices;
326p 36.8kg R Challinor, Dilhorne
326p 38.1kg R Challinor, Dilhorne
325p 39kg P D Brittain-Cartlidge, Buxton
346p 45.1kg D Williams, Basford
345p 42.8kg M Wright, Hartington
339p 44kg D Machin, Rudyard
338p 43kg D Williams, Basford
335p 40kg S J Pace & Co, Congleton
328p 45.5kg H Hodgkinson & Son, Earl Sterndale
369p 45.7kg Grigg Farms Ltd, Rainow
330p 46.5kg H Hodgkinson & Sons, Earl Sterndale
328p 52.6kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

Another excellent trade this week with a good number forward selling up to £220 for cull ewes and £207 for Rams.

Overall average of £110.82.

CALVES (107);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
A smart entry and trade very good with the best continental bulls flying. 10 best bulls £345 to £395 with those best 10 averaging £363.50. virtually no processing calves available today.

Continental Bulls
Fast trade as mentioned above with buyers for everything. Top price of £395 for a Simmental bull from Andy & Rob Williamson with Andrew Hulme close behind at £382 for a Blue bull.
24 Blues av £225.38 to £382 – Andrew Hulme, Basford
2 Char av £354 to £370 – R & R Moss, Stafford
16 Sims av £275 to £395 – RG & AS Williamson
2 Blonde av £310 to £325 – B E Wain, Siddington
1 Limousin to £300 – J Kirkham, Sutton

Continental Heifers
New buyers this week for both continental and native heifers with the best regularly £220 and above to a top of £306.
15 Blues av £184 to £306 – RG & AS Williamson
1 Char to £190 – R & R Moss, Stafford
8 Sims av £211.75 to £250 – S & M Huxley, Talke
4 Lims av £158 to £200 – N G Mellor, Earl Sterndale

Good support in all the natives with Hereford bulls to £270 and Angus bulls to £230. Plenty of good native heifer calves £140 – £190.
Mont Bulls to £180 – FA & TM Cotton, Tean
Hereford Bulls to £270 – B E Wain, Siddington
Angus Bulls to £230 – S & M Huxley & Son, Talke
Holstein Bulls to £45
Hereford Heifers to £190 – B E Wain, Siddington
Angus Heifers to £128 – S & M Huxley & Son, Talke
Norwegian Red Heifers to £202 – P & SL Heath, Leek

Weaned Calves
Plenty of potential buyers around the ring.
Angus Steer (9mths) £335 – E Docksey & Son, Bagnall
Angus Bull (4 ½ mths) £470 – D J Gregory, Drointon
Lim Heifer (5 ½ mths) £460 – D J Gregory, Drointon

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Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs – 10.30am
Sale of Store & Breeding Goats – 11am
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