Market Report Tuesday 4th July


 A pleasant July day saw a good trade for all in Leek.

 Dairies saw a quieter day in comparison to last week but still a good number of buyers and still a third of the total entry at £1900 and above.

Lambs Trade still competitive throughout, topping at 380p/kg returning an average of 305p/kg Hoggs slowing down in numbers, seeing a top of 250p/kg. Best Ewes to £170/head, with some second quality Ewes being £20-£30 up on the week.

Pigs getting dearer each week, cutting pigs to 238p/kg and bacon pigs to 239p/kg many more needed!

 Calves remain a buoyant trade with 162 sold, with second quality being the best sold on the day.

Barren cows topped at 215p/kg (£1643), for a Black and White, from W E Turnock & Sons, Leek

Similar types sold weekly.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A few more forward seeing another very strong trade and again more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Black & White top the day for a 31-month-old from W. E. Turnock. & Sons, Leek at 215p (£1643) with Limousin cows at 209p from Keith Burton.

Top headage at £1643 for a British Blue cow.

More cows wanted each week!

Overall average at 165p/kg with an entry again dominated by cows straight from the parlour.


No best cattle forward, but a strong trade for those

Presented, all Hereford’s and all Dairy breeds.

Top price at 245p/kg for a 555kg steer, to gross £1359.75, with heifers at 238p (£1309/head)


PIGS (126);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

An entry short of requirements with trade exceptional throughout with many more able to be sold to vendor advantage.


Not enough saw a top of 239p/kg for 68kg from C. Blackshaw and a top headage of £173.85

Cutting Pigs 

Massive demand, topping at 238/kg (twice), from J & B Fentem. Good 8 pens at 230p or better.

Bacon Pigs 

Four pens at 239p/kg; three from Massie Farms and one from C. Blackshaw and a further six pens at 238p/kg. Top headage at £236.61 


Top headage at £261/head from PF & PD Parsons for 113kg at 231p/kg

Bottom book for fat pigs at 198p/kg! 


Best Sow at 100p/kg (£280) and a big old Boar at 48p (£139.68).

Look at these Pig Averages!

Porkers (12); av. 232.91/kg or £170.36/head

Cutting Pigs (36); av 231.94/kg or £186.77/head

Bacon Pigs (76); av 234.17/kg or £220.36/head

Heavy Pigs (5) av 212.80/kg or £237.91/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

After the big numbers of last week, a quieter day but buyers for everything and still a third of the total entry at £1900 and above.

Top call £2100 for a pedigree Holstein Heifer sold, giving 26kg from Robert Hayes at Pilsley, Chesterfield which went to Newcastle with Andrew Huxley. Friesian type heifers were definitely wanted with John Kirby at Oakham receiving £2040 for a December 2021 newly calved pedigree Friesian to Dave Clowes at Kingsley.

Another entry from the Mayer family topped at £2040 for a 2018 born Cow, sold giving 32kg to Steven Biddulph at Hilderstone.

In-calf heifers due the Blonde attracted keen interest to top at £1560 and £1540 for Abbotts Bromley vendor Geoff Forrester.

Warranted bulling Heifers as follows:

Fresian (Born Dec 2021) £800

Shorthorn (Born Mar 2022) £700



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert  Watkins (07929 946652)

LAMBS (623);

Charity Lambs, kindly donated by the Williams Family of Basford sells to 580p/kg, (£284.20), with proceeds going to “Len’s Light”.

Less numbers forward, no doubt as a result of the drop in trade last week, saw a much-improved demand.

Best lambs highly sought after, with plenty at 330p and better.

Second quality also seeing a lift, with corn fed quality lambs generally 280p-300p.

Best big lambs £150/head plus.

Overall average returned at 305p/kg or £127/head.

 Sample Prices:

380p    42.5kg D Williams, Basford

366p    43.6kg CG Buckston, Derbyshire

364p    42kg     CG Buckston, Derbyshire

354p    39.2kg J M Robinson, Swythamley

354p    42.5kg J L Morris, Cresswell

352p    46.25kg CG Buckston, Derbyshire

351p    38.25kg IE M & A Wilson, Hollington

336p     47.25kg S R Chesters, Withington

310p    55kg    AP Leason, Ashbourne

 HOGGETS (71);

Just 71 old season lambs in the entry, seeing a top of 250p or £151.90/head.

 CULL SHEEP (164);

An entry well short of requirements, selling on a very bright trade, with best ewes to £170/head (three times).

Second quality ewes by far the dearest on the day, with some being £20-£30 up on the week. Horned ewes to £97, and strong mules at £127.

Overall averages at £116.87.


CALVES (162);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Super numbers again and a very large collection of buyers led to an improved trade with the second quality looking best sold on the day. 

 60 Continental Bulls

A lot more on offer and a very good price throughout. The best are always good to sell with the top 10 all over £350 but the second quality without doubt look best sold, between £230 and £300.

31 Blues av. £240 to £400 to GV Matkin, & D W & P Hulme

15 Simmental av. £310 to £375, H & J Smith & Sons

12 Limousin av. £279 to £375, W H Townsend & Son

2 Blonde av. £295 to £350, C J Tams

 40 Continental Heifers

A fantastic price for all with many up £50/head on the week. Three stronger, better sorts over £300 with a high of £345 for a British Blue for GV Matkin, Kirk Ireton.

Best £240-£345, medium £185-£230 with just a few under £170.

20 Blues av. £193-£345, GV Matkin

10 Simmental av. £206-£265, H & J Smith & Sons

8 Limousin av. £204-£320, WH Townsend & Son

2 Blonde av. £200-£205, EJ & VC Gilman

 22 Natives

A few less Angus and Herefords but they always look well sold at Leek.

6 Hereford Bulls to £210, JR Maydew

9 Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £335, K W Twemlow & Co

6 Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £175, KW Twemlow & Co

 13 Black & White Bulls

Nearly all sold for rearing at appropriate prices;

Friesians to £165, Holstiens to £62 and Montbeliarde to £92.

 23 Reared Calves

British Blue Heifers (5mths) £240, P & A Farming

Limousin Heifers (3mths) £300, G & B Thompson

Holstien Bulls (3mths) £135, HS & A Calwood




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