Market Report Tuesday 5th December

The 2023 Christmas Fatstock Show and Sale did not disappoint at Leek, with fantastic numbers forward and crowds of people spectating.

Champion Beast, from the Sweetmore Family of Earl Sterndale, sold to 600p/kg or £3660 for a 610kg Brtish Blue.

Champion Pen of Lambs, from R Tomkinson & Son Butterton, sold to 710p/kg or £319.50 for 45kg Lambs.

Champion Pigs sold to £380p or £376.20 for 99kg Gilts from Massie Farms Stafford.

A smaller entry of Dairies this week seeing a top price of £2040 for a Heifer from David Brailsford.

Good trade in the Calf section with a Simmental Bull from Jim & Carol Hudson topping at £445.

A huge Thank you to all the judges and sponsors on the day.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A smaller entry than recent weeks with again a good number of buyers around the ring. Trade was similar with the top price being 186p/kg for a 570kg Holstein from GW & MA Hickam of Onecote with a 470kg Holstein from A & JE Goldstraw of Waterhouses which achieved 178p/kg.

A 670kg Limousin X Cow, from James Gilman of Bosley, achieved 168p/kg.

The first prize cow was a 910kg Holstein from P J Davies of Werrington which sold to 160p/kg with the second prize cow being a 730kg Aberdeen Angus that achieved 158p/kg.

Other top prices: –

149p    705kg Hereford           J Fernyhough

148p    705kg Friesian             J W Brandrick & Son

148p    635kg Simmental         P N Holdcroft

Top headage price of the day was £1456.00 for P J Davies’ Freisian Cow.


An entry of some good quality cattle for the Christmas Show and Sale.

The judging was carried out by Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats who awarded the Champion Beast Rosette to the Sweetmore Family from Hollinsclough, a 610kg British Blue Heifer, which created a lot of competition in the sale ring, exchanged hands for 600p/kg, being bought by Lee Machin at £3660/head.

The Reserve Champion was a 21-month-old Limousin Heifer, weighing 545kg from Phillip Hooley of Wildboarclough which sold for 420p/kg -£2289/head, again being purchased by Lee Machin.

The Smallholder’s Cup was awarded to Ian Brown and Family of Werrington with a 565kg Limousin Heifer which achieved 375p/kg – £2118.75/head.

The First Prize Steer was shown by David and Gill Storer of Wincle with a 600kg Shorthorn which sold for 360p/kg – £2160/head.

Other top prices included: –

B/ Blue Heif 655kg to 340p/kg James Family,Gratton

Lim Heif 540kg to 318p/kg Mitchell&Murray,

Angus Heif 570kg to 301p/kg Mitchell & Murray,

Lim Heif 530kg to 292p/kg E Whitfield, Newcastle

Simm Str 670kg to 270p/kg Willaims Family, Basford

Overall average was 332.38p/kg, £1912.60/head.


PIGS (154).

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer –Ed Groves (07964 510145)

A fantastic entry for show and sale day and the trade to match, the averages very much do speak for themselves across the board.

A big thanks to the judge Robert Bowring and the sponsor Thorneycroft Solicitors.

Show Results

Overall Champion Pigs to 380p or £376.20 from Massie Farms, Stafford for 99kg Gilts.


1st – D Goldstraw, Meerbrook sold to 270p (73kg)

2nd – AJ&ME Minshull Tean sold to 223p (71kg)

Cutting Pigs

1st – J&B Fentem, Alsop en le Dale to 246p (83kg)

2nd – PF+PD Parsons, Whitchurch to 230p (80kg)

Bacon Pigs  

1st – Massie Farms Stafford to 380p (99kg)

2nd – D Goldstraw Meerbrook, sold to 235p (89kg)


1st Marsden & Paddock 174p or £403.68 (232kg)

Outside the show there were fantastic prices achieved.

Porkers – 215p for P J Bowers & 213p for J&B Fentem.

Cutters – 232p & 228p for D Goldstraw, 224 & 222p for J&B Fentem. 222p for C Hine and 217p for RA Hughes.

Baconers- 226 for PF+PD Parsons, 225p Massie Farms, 224p for PF+PD Parsons, 224p for J&B Fentem, 223p for JA&B Minshull.

Heavies – to 196p for PF+PD Parsons who had others to 194p, 192p, 184p & 180p.

Porkers (9)            av  228.54p/kg or £163.79/head

Cutting Pigs (33);  av   220.58p/kg or £180.88/head

Bacon Pigs (105);   av  217.79p/kg or £203.60head

Heavies (6)            av. 190.05p/kg or £210.96/head

Sows (1)                av  174.00p/kg or £403.68/head