Market Report Tuesday 6th December


A lovely winters day for our annual Christmas Primestock Show & Sale day at Leek, which attracted a large attendance of local farmers, businesses and customers which was great to see. Thank you again for your continued support at Leek.

In the cattle section, the show was kindly judged by Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats. The overall Champion was awarded to Ian Brown & family of Werring for a smart 540kg Limousin heifer which sold for 700p/kg to the judge Lee Machin.

An excellent entry of lambs for the Christmas Sale, with regular vendors consigning some superb lambs. The section was judged by Roger Eggleston of W Nixon & Sons Farm Shop who awarded the Champion pen to Robert & Andy Williamson and family of Wetley Rocks for a pen of five 47.4kg lambs which sold for 510p/kg to Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats.

A bumper entry of pigs this week, the most seen in a long time and thank you to all the customers for your support. The show was judged by Karl James of W James & Sons Butchers, who awarded the Champion pair to David Goldstraw & family, Meerbrook. The pair of 92kg pigs realised 270p/kg and went to Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats.

In the dairy shed saw a good varied entry of milkers and the best heifers to £2,240 for JRA & D Steeples, Warkton.

A good entry of calves this Tuesday albeit trade a little less to last week. Best Blue bulls sold up to £325 and Limousin bull calves to £250.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A good entry of barren cattle sold on a solid trade, with the best to 193p/kg for a 550kg Friesian from DR & A Shuker, Bosley. A 705kg Angus cow sold for 185p/kg from J M Robinson, Swythamley and 169p/kg for a 695kg British Blue from J F Barber, Quarnford and 160p/kg for a 780kg Simmental from A J Peach, Warslow. A 600kg Charolais sold for 150p/kg from S Kidd Farmers, Longnor and a 585kg British Blue at 149p/kg from D & EA Jeffery.

Black & white’s to 166p/kg for a 475kg Holstein from D & EA Jeffery, Roston and a 660kg Holstein at 153p/kg from H W Heath & Son, Hartwell who sold a 680kg Holstein at 151p/kg.

An aged Hereford 750kg bull sold for 128p/kg from S J Hooley, Butley.

Top headage price of £1304.25 for Angus’, Simmentals to £1248, British Blues to £1174.55 and Black & Whites at £1140, £1061.50 & £1043.40 etc.

Overall average of 129.47p/kg or £822.88 per head.

Selling time – Following the Barren Cattle
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A nice show of cattle for the Christmas Primestock Show & Sale this year which was kindly judged by Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats.

The 2022 Champion beast was awarded to Ian Brown & family of Werrington for a smashing 540kg Limousin heifer which sold for 700p/kg (£3780) to the judge of Manifold Valley Meats.

Reserve Champion was awarded to DE & GM Storer of Wincle for a 560kg Limousin heifer which sold for 450p/kg, again to Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats.

Ian Brown & family also showed a 480kg British Blue heifer which sold for 400p/kg for H Meakin & Sons Butchers of Leek.

A smart 620kg Limousin heifer from David Williams & family, Basford sold well for 310p/kg.

Away from the show, a run of 515kg – 535kg Friesian bulls topped at 216p/kg from J E Archer & Sons, Hilton, who sold others at 204p/kg, 198p/kg and 194p/kg.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
A good early month entry with trade for the best strong and vendors from Northamptonshire as well as Yorkshire and our own surrounding counites.

The Steeples family of Kettering exhibited 2 excellent strong heifers from their Cramar heifer to the days top price of £2240 with their second heifer achieving £2180. The top 10 newly calved cattle were all £1840 and above to average a very creditable £1972.

Strong milky cows saw spirited bidding with a Shorthorn x 3rd calver from the Howes at Litton achieving £1780 and a strong Friesian cow giving 48kg from Richard Thompson at £1850.

A big entry already entered for the 20th December with Christmas Show & Sale where mince pies and coffees will be served.

PIGS (185);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
The Christmas show and sale saw 185 pigs sold today.
A huge thanks to Thorneycroft Solicitors for sponsoring the pig section.

A huge thanks local butcher Karl James from W James Butchers, Baddeley Green for judging the pigs.

Champion Pen of pigs from Dave Goldstraw, Meerbrook, for a pair of 91kg gilts achieving 270p/kg.

Pork Pigs
1st Prize -72kg Gilts from A Worth, Marton – 180p/kg
2nd Prize -74kg Boars from A Worth, Marton – 170p/kg

Cutting Pigs
1st Prize – 82kg Gilts from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch – 204p/kg
2nd Prize – 77kg Gilts from D J Pope, Thame – 190p/kg

Bacon Pigs
1st Prize – 92kg Gilts from D Goldstraw, Meerbrook – 270p/kg
2nd Prize – 97kg Gilts from R Rowlinson, Ramshorn – 208p/kg

Porkers back on the week with a few pens of underweight plainer types reflected in the averages. Those best sorts topped at 184p/kg for 73kg pigs from J & B Fentem, Alsop en-le dale, who had a 66kg pig to 178p/kg and a 73kg pig to 174p/kg. A pair of 72kg gilts from A Worth, Marton realised 180p/kg and a pair of 74kg Boars from the same home realised 170p/kg.

Cutters topped at 204p/kg from PF + PD Parsons, Whitchurch for a pair of 82kg Gilts, Massie Farms, Stafford saw 200p/kg for a pen of 4 weighing 85kg. A pair of 77kg Gilts from D J Pope, Thame realised 190p/kg. J & B Fentem saw 185p/kg for 78kg pigs who had others to 183p/kg, 177p/kg & 175p/kg. J Davenport, Macclesfield had a pen of 5 weighing 84kg to 184p/kg.

Bacon pigs a flying trade with an average of 191p/kg speaks for itself. Baconer’s topped for the Champion pair of 92kg Gilts from D Goldstraw, Meerbrook realised 270p/kg. A pair of 97kg Gilts from R Rowlinson, Ramshorn realised 208p/kg. Other top prices from S Bailey, Knypersley with a pair of 88kg pigs realised 208p/kg. PF + PD Parsons had 97kg pigs achieve 200p/kg. Massie Farms had a run of pigs at 199p/kg for 94kg pigs and the same home 198p/kg x4.

Heavies topped at 198p/kg from S Bailey for a pair of 105kg pigs. D Goldstraw had 2 107kg pigs at 165p/kg and R Rowlinson, Ramshorn had a 133kg pig to 158p/kg or £210 in the lump. A Scott, Knutsford 133kg pigs to 120p/kg.

A real varied trade for sows with averages well back on the week to due an increase in numbers, top price 104p/kg for a young 185kg sow from JW & B Benett, Abbots Bromley. A coloured sow that had had one litter from AJ & ME Minshull, Tean realised 76p/kg. A run from D J Pope achieved 52p/kg and 50p/kg x3. Large numbers in saw the majority 20-40p/kg. Cull Boars 10p/kg from S J Booth, Lymm for a 354kg boar and 10p/kg from A J Green, Dronfield for a 302kg boar.

Pig Averages.
Pork Pigs (24) av 141.04p/kg or £97.96/head
Cutting Pigs (43); av 177.94p/kg or £142.06/head
Bacon Pigs (80); av 191.21p/kg or £177.35/head
Heavy Pigs (7); av 157.74p/kg or £185.46/head
Cull Sows (28); av 36.82p/kg or £102.97/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
LAMBS (958);
A good entry for the Christmas Show week with regular vendors consigning some excellent runs of lambs. Thank you to our sponsor Carrs Billington in Leek for the sheep classes on Tuesday.

Champion of the day went to Robert & Andy Williamson with an excellent pen of 5 heavy lambs weighing 47.4kg and selling at 510p/kg for Mr Lee Machin of Manifold Valley Meats. Other show lambs saw spirited bidding and numerous pens at 300p/kg and better. A special thank you to Roger Eggleston of W Nixon & Sons Farm Shop, Cheadle Hulme.

Away from the show lambs, a more two tier trade with best meated lambs seeing strong competition but leaner store type lambs at less money on the week as in other outlets.

Overall average returned at a pleasing 251p/kg. Good number required next week!
Sample prices;
308p 39kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
300p 39kg D Williams, Basford
290p 39kg J M Robinson, Swythamley
290p 38.6kg D & L Edgecox, Onecote
322p 41kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
318p 41kg D Williams, Basford
317p 41kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
308p 45kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
305p 41kg T J Nicholls, Dayhills
510p 47.4kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
342p 46.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
320p 49kg R Tomkinson & Son, Butterton
314p 46kg A H & T Carr, Waterfall
301p 52kg E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees

A slightly reduced entry seeing a solid trade again and particularly the second rate goods in stronger demand. Best Texel’s at £170 and plenty at £140 – £160 for heavy ewes. Best Mules to £122. Overall average at £85.19 but demonstrates the varied quality in the entry. Best Rams to £145.

CALVES (125);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Less about on show day and a very cold morning let to a slightly less trade than last weeks flyer.

41 Continental Bulls
Good bulls still good money and nicely over £300 with a top of £325 for early birds Messrs Higginson, Mobberley. Mediums £220 – £280 with smaller bulls under £200 and there were plenty of them today.
29 Blue Bulls av £172 to £325 – TD & DA Higginson
6 Sims av £250 to £320 – J, C & D Hudson
4 Lims av £178 to £228 – Woodward Partners

41 Continental Heifers
Less money but a lot of smaller heifers on offer today. A smart Limousin made £250 for S Moss, Cloudside with other good heifers generally over £200. Mediums £120 – £170 with small sorts under £100.
29 Blues av £116 to £238 – D W & P Hulme
5 Sims av £148 to £230 – S & M Huxley & Son
5 Lims av £177 to £250 – S Moss

22 Natives
Less of offer and generally good money.
8 AA Bulls to £218 – TD & DA Higginson
5 Hereford Bulls to £94 – Rowland Partners
5 AA Heifers to £95 – TD & DA Higginson

19 Black & White Bulls
Sold up to £66 with the majority £14 – £40.

2 Reared Calves
A smart 3 month old British Blue heifer made £400 from R Wilkinson & Son, Great Budworth.
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