Market Report Tuesday 8th November

A busy Tuesday market, particularly in the sheep section where trade was much improved on the week by 20 – 30p/kg and an overall average of 258p/kg or £108.93/head. Cull ewes sold on a solid trade also, seeing a top price of £195 for rams and £175 for ewes.

Barrens sold on a similar trade, and more quality about this week, seeing a top price of 205p/kg and £1415.50 per head. Clean sold up to 201p/kg and £1170 per head.

A small entry of dairies sold on a nice trade, with a fresh heifer topping to day at £2250 and cows to £1980. We have a bumper entry for next weeks Pedigree Dairy sale so look out for the catalogue online!

A packed ring of buyers for calves this week, after any quality and types, seeing an improved trade. Top price today of £340 for British Blue bull calves and Simmental heifers up to £220.

More pigs about this week, and trade similar to last week, seeing fat pigs up to 154p/kg and cows to 62p/kg.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
An improved trade for barrens and some better quality forward, selling up to 205p/kg for a 615kg Friesian from B E Wain, Siddington, with Limousin’s to 202p/kg for G T Rowlinson, Stubwood, who also sold a 725kg British Blue for 178p/kg and a 735kg Limousin at 176p/kg for J A Bradbury, Ipstones.

Simmentals sold up to 190p/kg for a 745kg cow from W & FM Slack, Macclesfield who sold a similar 700kg cow for 183p/kg.

Other top prices include;
174p 685kg Charolais – D G Ditchfield Ltd, Calwich
171p 620kg Charolais – D G Ditchfield Ltd, Calwich
169p 685kg Holstein – W E Turnock & Sons, Onecote
169p 730kg Charolais – C & EJ Whilock, Werrington
167p 630kg Charolais – D G Ditchfield Ltd, Calwich
163p 670kg Hereford – T J Fox, Hurdlow
157p 700kg Friesian – D & G Tudor, Kingsley
155p 510kg Hereford – T J Fox, Hurdlow
155p 840kg Holstein – Robinson Partners, Rudyard

Overall average of 144.91p/kg or £896.56.

Top headage price of £1415.50 for Simmental’s from W & FM Slack, with another Simmental at £1281. Limousin’s up to £1403.90 and £1293.60; Holsteins to £1302, British Blues to £1290.50; Friesians to £1260.75 and Charolais’ to £1233.70.

Selling time – Following the Barren Cattle
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A light entry and no butchers quality cattle forward. Top price of 201p/kg for a 555kg Hereford heifer from Home Farm, Rushton, 190p/kg for a 595kg Charolais heifer from D G Ditchfield Ltd, Calwich, who sold another at 180p/kg and 165p/kg. A 570kg Fleckvieh heifer sold for 188p/kg from Home Farm, Rushton.

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)
17 in the dairy shed and everyone waiting for next weeks exceptional entry of over 130 for the Monthly Pedigree sale.

Trade today strong with the better goods well over £2000. The day started with a smart run of Friesian heifers calves from Sproston vendors the Gleave family who topped at £220 with other at £180 and £160 at 25-35 days old.

The Rileys at Noon Sun topped todays fresh heifer trade at £2250 with a Havendale heifer fresh and giving 29kg. Mark Shepherd was forward with two strong Pedigree cows to a top of £1980 with his 3rd calver not far behind at £1820. The neater but smaller framed heifer regularly £1400 – £1840 for several local vendors.

PIGS (137);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894).
Good to see numbers keep coming forward and trade similar on the week.

Porkers sold up to 136p/kg for Alan Worth, Marton, with 126p/kg for 73kg pigs from J & B Fentem and 116p/kg for 70kg pigs from P J Saunders.

Cutters sold up to 153p/kg for 84kg pigs from Massie Farms, Stafford, with 151p/kg for 84kg pigs from J & B Fentem, who sold others at 149p/kg, 148p/kg and 126p/kg twice. 147p/kg for 77kg pigs from P J Saunders and 140p/kg for a pair of 82kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons.

Bacon pigs sold up to 154p/kg twice for 85kg and 90kg pigs from Massie Farms, who had other pens at 153p/kg (x4) and 151p/kg twice. 152p/kg was achieved for a pen of 90kg pigs and 150p/kg for 87kg pigs, both from David Goldstraw, Meerbrook.

Heavier pigs topped at 134p/kg for a 110kg pig from David Goldstraw.

Cull sows sold up to 62p/kg for a 312kg sow from F Sharpley & Son, Twemlow, with a 302kg sow at 61p/kg from P J Saunders and a run of five from S Richardson, Barnsley at 58p/kg.

Pig Averages;
Pork Pigs (14); av 118.35p/kg or £85.21/head
Cutting Pigs (28); av 142.59p/kg or £115.19/head
Bacon Pigs (82); av 138.87p/kg or £127.31/head
Heavy Pigs (4); av 85.83p/kg or £137.33/head
Cull Sows (7); av 59.01p/kg or £180.56/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
LAMBS (819);
A pleasing increase in numbers but not enough for the excellent demand, with all bidders very keen to secure lambs and a very strong trade throughout.

Best sorts to 294p/kg and plenty at 275p and better, with these types 20 – 30p up on the week.

Commercial quality lambs also seeing a similar lift on the week and an overall average of 258p/kg shows the excellent level of trade throughout!

Heavy lambs seeing strong demand topping at 282p/kg and a massive £188.34/head.

More required week on week.

Sample prices;
294p 38.6kg D B Goldstraw, Meerbrook
294p 39kg L E Shaw, Sturston
284p 36.5kg A Shaw, Sturston
278p 39kg G W Hallam, Warslow
285p 40kg D Williams, Basford
281p 39.5kg D Twemlow, Quarnford
281p 40.7kg A P Leason, Ilam
280p 44kg S & J Reeves, Grindley
280p 44kg R J Lowe & Partners, Rudyard
279p 42.3kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill
282p 48.5kg H White, Snelston
275p 46.4kg KW & AM Minshull, Bosley
274p 48.5kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
269p 51.2kg J & W Knight, Horton
269p 55kg D Williams, Basford
266p 57kg J Mosley, Wormhill
258p 73kg P Kirkham & IC Bourne, Werrington

A similar entry selling on a fast trade, topping at £195 for Charollais rams and £175 for Texel ewes. Best 8 pens at £160 plus from 8 different vendors.

Mules topping at £115 and an overall average up on the week at £90/head.

CALVES (169);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
At last something to shout about with a packed ring of eager buyers looking to purchase calves. Trade today was up across the board with the Continental heifers looking particularly well sold.

35 Continental Bulls
Buyers for the best and today also the other end with more positivity about in the calf ring. 8 best topped £300 seeing a top price of £340 for the Turnock family, Onecote. Blue bulls from Messrs Povey at £330 and £325. Mediums better sold at £220 – £285 with 11 smalls under £200.
25 Blues av £207 to £340 – W E Turnock & Sons
9 Sims av £241 to £315 – P N Holdcroft
1 Lim to £250 – N E Goodwin & Son

27 Continental Heifers
Better sold than the bulls with strong bidding for the goods. 8 best topped £180 with the very last into the ring (Lot 169) at £220 from Philip Holdcroft. Mediums £100 – £170 with 10 smaller calves under £100.
19 Blues av £110 to £200 – J C & D Hudson
4 Sims av £201 to £220 – P N Holdcroft
2 Blonde av £164 to £168 – B E Wain

76 Natives
Big numbers again and trade good for the better sorts.
18 Hereford Bulls av £66 to £155 – Foker Grange Farm
18 AA Bulls av £54 to £150 – Garnett Farms
18 Hereford Heifers av £48 to £85 – P & H Botham
22 AA Heifers av £38 to £72 – Birch Bros

31 Black & White Bulls
A few better sorts for rearing at £50 – £70 with the majority £25 – £50.

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