Market Report Tuesday 9th April

The rain barely let up in Leek on Tuesday, but the spirits were not dampened, and trade was good seeing a bumper number of Calves on offer with 179 entries with plenty of buyers around to take them home.

Pig numbers up a touch this week with fats topping at 205p/kg .

Top price in the Barrrens of 199p/kg, top headage price of £1706.25 from a good sharp trade.

The herd sale in the dairy ring attracted a good number of buyers and a good trade was seen for all qualities that were offered.

Sheep entries down a touch which saw a strong demand, Spring Lambs up to 470p/kg, Hoggs at 430p/kg and Ewes to £161/head.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good sharp trade with a top price of 199p/kg for a 625kg Holstein from A Povey & Sons with a 875kg Aberdeen Angus from Rushton Spencer achieving
195p/kg and a 625kg Friesian at 190p/kg.

Other top prices:

825kg  Holstein – 185p/kg       JW Campbell

650kg   Lim X   – 182p/kg       DA Shuker

720kg  Mont      – 179p/kg       SC,FE&JA Harvey

765kg  Holstein – 178p/kg       D&J Moseley

650kg   Angus  –  175p/kg       Rushton Spencer


Top headage price was £1706.25 for an Aberdeen Angus, £1526.25 for a Holstein.

A 740kg Hereford Bull sold particularly well for 175p/kg with a headage price of £1295.00.


PIGS (95);

time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

An increased entry given last week’s trade. Trade on the whole was not bad with fats topping at 205p, a larger number of plain under finished pigs on show today which is reflected in the averages.


Porkers topped at 196p for J&B Fentem.


Cutters topped at 205p from S Bailey, J&B Fentem had a run to 195p x2, 194p, 193p, 192p, 190p. Sam Harper sold to 190p.


Bacon pigs topped at 200p from J Ball, Sandbach, PF+PD Parsons saw 198p & 196p. J&B Fentem to 195p, C hine to 195p, New vendor BA Hughes, Malpas sold to 194p.


Heavies topped at 170p twice from PF+PD Parsons and C Hine. B Minshull sold to 150p.


A handful of sows sold to 60p, 50p and 30p.


Pig Averages.

Porkers (4);            av 172.16p/kg or £128.26/head

Cutting Pigs (39);  av 182.19p/kg or £143.93/head

Bacon Pigs (40);    av 185.42p/kg or £170.00/head

Heavy Pigs (9);      av 113.61p/kg or £126.81/head

Sow (3);                 av; 48.13pp/kg or £104.77/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Top of £2080

A smashing trade for milkers particularly for the herd, with a top price of £2080 for a February calved Ayrshire fourth calver giving 44kg.

A third calver due in September reached £1820 with a second calver due in November making £1730.

Trade was swift throughout with all qualities in strong demand.

Excellent entry of 60 already forward for next week’s pedigree sale. Catalogues will be out shortly.



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)



A small entry as early Lambing farmers struggle to finish Lambs due to rain every day!

Trade not as fast, most buyers are reluctant to switch on to new season lambs due to the lack of supply.

Best Lambs to 470p/kg and top headage of £211.71.

Sample Prices:

470p    37.5kg RG&AS Willimason, Wetley Rocks

460p    38kg    RG&AS Willimason, Wetley Rocks

445p    38.3kg IE,M&A Wilson, Hollington

460p    40kg    IE,M&A Wilson, Hollington

455p    43.3kg RG&AS Willimason, Wetley Rocks


A reduced entry, which coincides with a general reduction in demand due to the Ramadan Festival.

As it happened, the reduced entry met strong demand to a top of 430p/kg and a top headage of £234/head.

Best meated sorts saw an exceptional demand for all weights.


Overall average at 380p/kg or £171/head!!!

Numbers required again going forward.


Sample Prices: –

430p    34kg    R Tomkinson & Son, Butterton

402p    35kg    J&D Skidmore, Chelmorten

420p    38.8kg T Eardley, Congleton

425p    39.3kg T Eardley, Congleton

426p    42.9kg SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

422p    43kg    SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

430p    43kg    R Tomkinson & Son, Butterton

418p    44kg    D Williams, Basford

428p    4.3kg   SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

408p    44.5kg D Tomlinson, Buxton

424p    48kg    FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

419p    50kg    FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

414p    53.3kg LAJ Turner & Son, Rownall

423p    54.3kg FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

400p    58kg    FW Hall & Son, Sutton on the Hill



A few less numbers about as expected, trade on the whole held up well with a number of lean plain sorts in the mix. Top price £161 for Texels from GT Worsley. Best continental types £140+.


Mules topped at £110

Plain mules generally £80-90

Hill types £40-60


Overall average £96/head


Tups topped at £150 from K&A Smith, Longford.


Overall average £101.14


CALVES (179)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

The biggest entry of the season to date and trade very good from start to finish.


Numbers on offer but the buyers were there and ready for them. Top ten over £330 with a high of £385 for a British Blue from the Mellor Family, Earl Sterndale. Mediums
£250-£300 with smaller calves £170-£230 and a few cross bred spring calving sorts under £150.

44 Blues av £208 to £385          NG,JMH,&H Mellor

7 Sims   av £262 to £365          H&E Bailey&Partners

7 Lims    av £245 to £330          NE Goodwin & Son


Again, big numbers and a lot from one spring calving herd. Super star Limousins from Norman Mellor and Family sold to £292. Top ten over £230. Mediums £160-£210
with smaller cross bred sorts around £100.

32 Blues av £119 to £280          PWJ&S Wilson

2 Sims    av £185 to £235          DG&JA Ball

12 Lims  av £192 to £292          NG,JMH,&H Mellor


Big numbers with some grand Aberdeen Angus on offer.

17 Angus Bulls av £110 to £225 Pearson & Son

24 Angus Hfs    av £66   to £208 Pearson & Son

1 Her Hfs                        to £150 BE Wain


Generally less money with a few rearers £60-£80 amd the smaller sorts £10-£30.


Three and four months old, made £420 from Messrs Hughes, Cheddleton.



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