Store and Breeding Pigs Sale Report 9th September

What a trade all types in demand and on fire, many more could have been sold. 131 Sold.

Breeding pigs (11)
A strong show of breeders topped at £820 for 2 sows with 18 Weaners at foot from M Carefoot, Preston. A sow with 9 from the same home sold to £460.

In-piggers from Rosie Watson sold to £210 and £200. An in-pig saddleback sold to £180 from B Elkin, Hilderstone.

Boars topped at £210 for a white boar from S Hill, Shrewsbury.

A pair of saddleback gilts from N Brown, Marston Montgomery sold to £150/head.

Stores (47) av. £88.57
Stores topped at £102 for Shapey 40kg stores from J Ball, Sandbach. 51kg stores sold to £82 from M Carefoot, others from the same home to £80 for 54kg stores. Forward Mangalica pigs sold to £105 and £92.

Weaners (62) av. £45.08
Weaners look well sold on the day. A Worth, Marton had 20kg weaners to £66 and £62. RAO Johnson had weaners to £65 and £50. R Wilkinson Saw weaners to £48. 10kg saddlebacks to £42 from N Brown.

The next store and breeding pig sale is
Saturday 7th October 2023
Entries invited early for advertising purposes.
Please Contact Ed Groves – 07964510145

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