Store Cattle Sale Report 12th August 2023

A total entry of 494 Store and Breeding cattle were on offer, a good entry for the time of the year with plenty of buyers in attendance and trade considered to be firmer particularly for the stronger and well bred cattle.

The biggest and best for style and flesh were very well bid for with some buyers returning after several months to fill yards and support Leek yet again.

Plenty of buyers for the thick beef bred steers 15/17 months with some local purchasers unable to fill their orders.

Secondary sorts particularly plain heifers looked harder to sell but as the finished trade steadies off this is only to be expected.

A few plainer types at the end of the sale arriving as extras were very well bid or with several purchasers waiting to see the last pen through the ring.

Breeding Section
An entry of cows with calves at foot sold up to £1540 for an entry of 3 cows and calves from JC Howells & Partnership of Rugeley were keenly sought after for a Blonde cow with a Charolais bull calf at foot with another Simmental outfit with a Charolais heifer calf at foot from the same vendor at £1225. £1500 for an Aberdeen Angus heifer with an Angus heifer calf at foot from Mr Norbury of Ashley with an entry of 5 cows and calves from John Dale of Reapsmoor selling up to £1270 for a Holstein x with a Hereford bull calf at foot and £1270 for an Angus heifer with a Hereford bull calf at foot.

There were 3 breeding bulls on offer which resulted in a top price for a Purebred Limousin Non-Pedigree bull from Mr P J Bailey of Grindon which met strong competition selling up to £2720.

Young Bulls
There were 2 Simmental young bulls on offer from Messrs Wainwright of Macclesfield being with a 15 month old fully pedigree Simmental bull selling for £1650 and another similar aged Simmental from the same vendor at £1490.

A bunch of 3, 25 month old angus steers from Mr Robert Bradbury of Kingsley achieved £1480 with a single 22 month old Angus steer from Messrs Hall of Stockley Park at £1405 and another bunch of 3, 24 month old Angus from Robert Bradbury at £1320. A bunch of 3, 16 month old steers were particularly well sold at £1300 from Messrs Wilson of Hilton.

A Holstein steer at 26 months of age was particularly well sold from George Norbury of Chelford at £1355 with a bunch of 6, 23 month old Herefords from Mr Carbutt of Sandbank Farm at 23 months of age at £1300 and a bunch of 4 23 month old Herefords from George Norbury & Family at £1270.

A Fleckvieh steer at 24 months of age from John Carr of Cheddleton achieved £1180 with Limousin steers selling up to £1270 for a good shaped 11 month old beast from Ian Mardling of Hilderstone. Another pair of 18 month old Limousin steers from C H Day & Sons of Upper Hulme achieved £1255.

A pair of 27 month old Friesian steers from John Carr of Cheddleton realised £1155.

Other young cattle from Ian Mardling of Hilderstone sold up to £1110 for a 11 month old steers with a 12 month old Angus from the same farmer achieving £1050.

Overall average achieved for steers was £953 a head

There were 248 heifers on offer, top price heifer was £1450 for a 20 month old British Blue from Messrs Carbutt of Sandbank Farm with a pair of 27 month old British Blues from W A Durose & Son of Stanton at £1310.

Limousins sold up to £1445 for a pair of 27 month old cattle from James and Isla Knight of Horton with another pair of 25 month old Limousin heifers from the same vendor at £1435. A single 28 month old Limousin from John Carr of Cheddleton sold for £1340.

Shorthorn heifers from J & R Potts of Macclesfield achieved £1385 with Angus heifers up to £1365 for a pair of 27 month old cattle from Robert Bradbury of Kingsley and another pair of 27 month old Angus from Messrs Hall of Stockley Park at £1350.

21 month old Simmental heifer from Ben Rowlinson of Bottomhouse achieved £1345 with Hereford heifers from Ann Beech of Milton at 28 months old up to £1265. A pair of 14 month old British Blue heifers were particularly well sold from David Machin of Rudyard at £1290 with a 14 month old Limousin from W E P Wilson of Hilton at £1175.

Overall average achieved was £839 a head.

NEXT SALE: Saturday 26th August 2023

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