Store Cattle Sale Report 13th April


There was a total entry of 696 Store and Breeding Cattle on offer.

Breeding Section

A special entry of suckler cows and calves, for Mr Woodcock of Rugeley, met with a good lot of interest selling up to £1340 for a Simmental cow with a Simmental Bull calf at foot and £1320 (twice) for similar outfits.

A Hereford heifer, being AI’d to the Aberdeen Angus Bull, from Hinstock achieved £1040.

Young Bulls

Top price paid was £1100 paid for a 14-month-old Simmental from Mr Woodcock of Rugeley with a 12-month-old Simmental, from the same farmer, at £1010 with a Shorthorn 13-month-old from Jane Clowes of Ipstones at £900 and another pair of 11-month-old Simmentals from Mr Woodcock at £810.


There were 314 Steers on offer with a top price of the day being £1750 for a pair of 21-month-old Simmentals from Messrs Chadwick of Waterhouses with Aberdeen Angus Steers, at 26 months of age, up to £1740 from R A Bradbury of Kingsley and another 22 month old Aberdeen Angus, from R J Clowes & Sons of Kingsley, at £1650 with the same farmer selling another 22 month old Aberdeen Angus for £1560.

Charolais steers from G Goodwin of Wetley Rocks, at 25 months of age, topped at £1715 with another pair of 21-month-old Charolais from the same farmer at £1650 and a single 18-month-old Charolais at £1615.

Limousin steers from John Beech of Cellarhead, at 24 months of age, sold up to £1630 with a bunch of three 11-month-old Limousin, from Robert Flower, selling particularly well for £1460 and a single 20-month-old Limousin at £1460 also from Geoff Goodwin of Wetley Rocks.

British Blue steers, from RJ Clowes & Sons of Kingsley, at 22 months of age sold up to £1620 with another pair from Peter Witham of Marston, at 13 months of age, at £1480.

Hereford steers at 22 months of age, from The Red Lion Inn of Dayhills, at £1585 with Shorthorns at 21 months of age at £1390, from A Rowlinson & Sons of Cotton.

South Devon steers at 12 months of age, from Alison & Keith Wilton of Daisymere, sold at £1240 with Holstein steers from Jack Greatbach of Wetley Rocks, at 26 months of age, selling well for £1230.

Other younger sorts sold up to £1270 for a bunch of three 12-month-old Limousin, from the Roe Family of Morrilow Heath, with 14-month-old Aberdeen Angus from Ben Rowlinson of Bottomhouse at £1240.

Overall average achieved for Steers was £1003.                                                                                       



There were 346 Heifers on offer with a top price of the day being £1760 for a 26-month-old Aberdeen Angus from RA Bradbury of Kingsley, with another 26-month-old from the same farmer at £1625, a 24-month-old Aberdeen Angus from TW Carnwell & Sons at £1610 and a 20-month-old Aberdeen Angus from R J Clowes & Sons of Kingsley at £1520.

A bunch of three 16-month-old Charolais from KE Grocott of Leigh sold for £1370 with Limousin heifers from John Beech of Cellarhead, at 21 months of age, at £1340 and three 25-month-old Shorthorns, from the Challinor Family of Dilhorne, at £1295.

Simmental heifers from A & L Worthington, at 16 months of age, sold for £1240 with Blonde heifers from S J Wragg of Hinstock at £1210 and Herefords, at 25 months of age, from the same vendor at £1130.

Younger cattle sold up to £1120 for an 11-month-old Limousin, from Amy Seabridge of Hollywood, with a bunch of three 13 month old Limousin, from Andrew Carr & Family of Waterfall, at £1100.

The overall average achieved for Heifers was £834.


NEXT SALE: Saturday 27th April

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