Store Cattle Sale Report 6th July

351 Store & Breeding Cattle were on offer, a pleasing entry for the
time of the year with many farmers busy for the time of the year.


Breeding Section

A decent entry of Cows and Calves at foot, meeting a good enquiry,
seeing a top price of £2060 for a Pedigree Limousin Cow with a Limousin heifer
calf at foot from Paul Brook of Mayfield with other outfits from the same
vendor at £1620 and £1600. The same vendor sold Limousin in-calf cows up to £1330
and £1300.


An entry of four outfits from S Kidd Farmers of Longnor topped at £1860
for a Charolais cow with a Charolais steer calf at foot and a Saler cow with a
Charolais steer calf at foot from the same vendor at £1620.


An Aberdeen Angus suckler cow, sold free of the bull, from Messrs
Griffin of Alstonefield, achieved £1250 and a Herford 30-month-old Breeding heifer
from Messrs Hawkins of Youlgreave, achieved £1190.

A 16-month-old pure bred Limousin heifer from Tony Sayer of Hilderstone
was well sold at £1430.

A 21-month-old Hereford bull, from Messrs Reynolds, achieved £2000.



Young Bulls

Again, only a small entry with a 14-month-old Simmental bull from Messrs
Hedges of Ashbourne at £1180, a 17-month-old Hereford from Messrs Bower of Hyde
at £1035 and younger Simmental bulls, at 5 months old, for Messrs Hedges of Ashbourne
at £810.




There were 149 steers on offer producing an excellent average of £996.61,
seeing some excellent top prices up to £1835 for a 24-month-old Limousin, from
Jason Jervis of Cheadle, with a bunch of three 21-month-old Limousin, from
Colin Lymer of Cheddleton, at £1565 and a bunch of three 18-month-old Limousin
from T & R Allen of Ashbourne at £1305.


British Blue steers at 25 months of age, from Jason Jervis, sold up to
£1675, with an 18-month-old British Blue steer, from Birchwood Park Farms of
Roston, at £1330 and a pair of 19-month-old British Blue steers from Critchlow
Bros of Sheen at £1180.


A 17-month-old Simmental steer was particularly well sold for Jim Bennison
of Ipstones at £1485 with Aberdeen Angus selling up to £1480 for a bunch of six
at 25 months old for Messrs Jones of Holmes Chapel and a pair of 20-month-old
Aberdeen Angus, from T & R Allen of Ashbourne, at the same price of £1480.

Another 18-month-old Aberdeen Angus for Messrs Allen sold for £1395.


Hereford steers from Messrs Knight of Horton topped at £1325 at 20months
of age with others at £1210 and £1200 at 19 and 18 months of age.


A 25-month-old Longhorn steer from Jason Jervis achieved £1320 with a
Danish Red 21-month-old steer, from Mark James of Mow Cop, selling well at




A bunch of four 20-month-old Flekvieh steers from Chritchlow Bros of
Sheen achieved £1095 with a Norwegian Red 19-month-old steer, from the same
vendor, at £1030.


Four Friesian steers at 24 months of age, from Raymond Salt of
Waterhouses, were particularly well sold at £1150.


Younger cattle achieved up to £1010 for an 11-month-old Simmental from
Jim Bennison of Ipstones with another bunch of four 11-month-old Simmental,
from JM Robinson of Swythamley, at £1010 also.




There were 143 heifers on offer with a top price of £1470 for a 25-month-old
Limousin from Jason Jervis of Cheadle with other Limousin, at 15 months of age,
from Paul Chadfield of Marston Montgomery at £1260.

Hereford heifers from Messrs Knight of Horton, at 21 months of age, sold
up to £1370 with a pair of 19-month-old Aberdeen Angus from T & R Allen of
Ashbourne realising £1360.

British Blue heifers, from Mark James from Mow Cop, at 21 months of age,
sold up to £1355 with Stabiliser heifers from Hartswood Farming of Rugeley at

Younger cattle included 13-month-old British Blue heifers for David and
Robert Machin of Rudyard at £1185.


Overall average achieved for Heifers was £870.31.


NEXT SALE: Saturday 20th
July 2024

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