Store Cattle Sale Report 15th May

There was an excellent entry of 673 store and breeding cattle on offer with trade very similar to a fortnight ago and a good company of buyers in attendance from a wide area.
Breeding Section
There were more breeding cattle on offer with a Belted Galloway cow with a Limousin steer calf at foot from Messrs Ratcliffe of Rodsley grossing £1630 with a pedigree in calf Limousin cow from Clive Hidderley of Ipstones, selling particularly well at £1480 and another Limousin cow with a young Limousin steer calf at foot from the same vendor at £1460.
A Hereford cow with an Aberdeen Angus 7 month old heifer calf at foot from Mr Millington of Winkhill sold for £1450 with in calf Hereford heifers from Bill Walters of Upper Hulme believed to be in calf to the Shorthorn & Angus up to £890.
A Hereford stock bull at 20 months of age from Messrs AE & B Smith of Rocester was well sold at £1500.
Young Bulls
There were 36 young bulls on offer with some good prices being achieved up to £1100 for a pair of 11 month old Charolais from Pilkington Farmers of Hartington with another 4, 10 month old Charolais bulls from the same vendors at £1010 and 3 Simmentals at 11 months of age at £870.
A bunch of 3 Limousins at 12 months of age from Joe Austin of Parwich again were well sold at £1070 as were another bunch of 3, 13 month old Limousins at £1060 from the same vendor.
A 14 month old Friesian bull from Shaun Beswick of Buxton exchanged hands for £860 with the average for young bulls being £815.00.
There were 302 steers on offer with an excellent average of £844.74, seeing a top price of £1445 for a 27 month old Limousin from J L Mellor and Partners of Macclesfield with another pair of Limousin 20 month old steers from Malcolm Ollerenshaw at £1325 and an 18 month old Limousin from Gareth Brain of Cresswell at £1250 and a 19 month old Limousin from JW & R Massey & Partners of Macclesfield at £1225.
A pair of Angus at 22 months of age from Gareth Brain were well sold at £1310 with another bunch of 3, 27 month old Angus from Ann Beech of Milton at £1285 and a single 20 month old from Mr McPherson at £1140.
British Blue steers at 29 months of age from Adrian Swinnerton of Lichfield achieved up to £1305 with another single 18 month old from Messrs Ratcliffe of Rodsley at £1200.

A bunch of 3, 22 month old Simmentals from Adrian Swinnerton of Lichfield achieved £1260 with another bunch of 23 month old Simmentals from the same vendor at £1160.
A 28 month old Hereford from Howard Beswick of Horton sold at £1255 with another 29 month old Hereford from the same vendor at £1170.
A 23 month old Dairy Shorthorn steer from Messrs Shaw of Burton on Trent achieved £1105 with a Longhorn steer at 17 months of age from Philip Williams of Tean at £1095.
A Brown Swiss 33 month old steer from M Renshaw of Butterton sold for £1005. Younger cattle achieved up to a £1000 for a 10 month old Simmental from Ben Rowlinson of Bottomhouse with a pair of 9 month old Shorthorn steers from J & R Potts of Macclesfield at £940, a bunch of 3, 10 month old Limousin from Alan Hayes of Alstonefield at £935 and a bunch of 6, 10 month old Angus from AE Allcock of Waterhouses at £930.
There were 293 heifers on offer with a top price being £1235 for a 21 month old Blonde Heifer from A Hopkinson of Ilkeston with Limousins at 29 month of age from Adrian Swinnerton up to £1190 and a bunch of 3, 28 month old Limousins from Ann Beech at £1175, a pair of 26 month old Limousins from Mr Gray of Sheffield at £1140 and another pair at £1135 of similar age from the same vendor.
Angus heifers from HA & TR Mycock of Grindon achieved up to £1135 with a bunch of 4, 28 month old Angus from Ann Beech of Milton at £1095.
A Simmental 22 month old heifer from Margery Renshaw of Butterton sold for £1130 with another of similar age from Adrian Swinnerton at £1110 and a 19 month old Simmental from HJ Woodward of Rudyard at £1105.
A pair of 20 month old British Blue heifers from Philip Williams exchanged hands for £1100 with a single 28 month old Hereford heifer from Howard Beswick at £1175.
Younger cattle sold up to £1050 for a 14 month old Simmental from L Whittaker of Bosley with a bunch of 3, 12 month old Limousin heifers from J Wain of Brandside selling well at £850.
Overall average achieved for heifers was £787.56.
NEXT SALES: – Saturday 29th May 2021 and 12th June 2021

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