Store Cattle Sale Report 16th March

There was a total entry of 467 Store and Breeding Cattle on offer with a very similar firm trade throughout although there was not as many good quality strong Cattle on offer this week as in recent sales.


Breeding Section

Again, a small entry of Cows with Calves at-foot which achieved up to £1410 for a Saler Cow with a young Charolais Bull Calf at foot, from S Kidd Farmers of Longnor, with the same farmers selling another similar outfit for £1400. An In-Calf Hereford Heifer, from Ian Forrester of Trent Vale, was bid for keenly and achieved £1100.


Young Bulls

In the Young Bulls section there were no strong sorts on offer with the top price being £560 for a Hereford 10-month-old Bull from Messrs Tricklebank of Wardlow with Aberdeen Angus Bulls from Chris Gabbott & Family of Rainow, at £500.



There were 240 Steers on offer with a top price of £1650 for a 27-month-old Limousin from Holmes Bros of Loscoe, with a 28-month-old Limousin Steer from the same farmer at £1450. A bunch of three 10-month-old Limousin, from Robert Flower of Alstonefield, were particularly well sold at £1400 with another 11-month-old Limousin Steer from DA & LM Moss of Rushton Spencer at £1330.

British Blue Steers, from Holmes Bros. of Loscoe, at 24 months of age, topped at £1380 with another 15-month-old British Blue Steer from Messrs Ratcliffe of Rodsley at £1275 and Herefords up to £1380, for a 22-month-old beast, from Messrs Done & Son of Bosley.

Aberdeen Angus Steers, from ET Simpson of Winkhill, at 19 months of age, were well sold up to £1355 with another 31-month-old Aberdeen Angus, from J Greatbach of Wetley Rocks at £1350 and a pair of 23-month-old Aberdeen Angus, from Messrs Done of Bosley at £1335.

Holstein Steers from J Greatbach of Wetley Rocks were bid for keenly and achieved up to £1275 at 25 months of age, with Simmental Steers at 20 months of age up to £1240 from WS Bartram of Grindley and Montbeliarde Steers from Charles Plant of Elkstones, at 25 months of age, topping at £1215.

Shorthorn 14 month old Steers, from Mick Reeves & Family of Ipstones, were particularly well sold at £1170 with other younger cattle up to £1140 for a pair of 11 month old Limousin from Andrew and Tim Carr of Waterfall and £1100 for a pair of  10 month old Limousin from Des Alcock of Elkstones.

Overall average achieved for Steers was £958.33.



There were 205 Heifers on offer with a top price being £1400 for a 13-month-old Limousin from Holmes Bros of Loscoe with Hereford Heifers at 23 months of age, from the same farmer, at £1380.

A pair of British Blue Heifers from Steve Machin of Stanley, at 22 months of age, sold for £1340 and a single from John & Gary Fryer of Horton, at 28 months of age, at £1315 with Charolais at 22 months of age, up to £1310 for Messrs Gray of Sheffield.

Blonde Heifers from John Haynes of Stone, topped at £1180 with other British Blue Heifers from A Mitchell & Sons of Knutsford sold up to £1230 for a bunch of five at 18 months old.

Simmental Heifers, from WS Bartram from Grindley, at 21 months of age, sold up to £1160.

Younger Cattle topped at £1020 for a 9-month-old Limousin from Messrs Moss of Rushton Spencer with a 10-month-old Limousin Heifer at £970 from Messrs Spencer of Ashbourne.


The average achieved for Heifers was £898.48.


 NEXT SALE: Saturday 30th March

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