Store Cattle Sale Report 17th December 2022

A total entry of 134 store and breeding cattle were on offer with a good company of buyers around the ring ensuring a firm trade for all types.

Breeding Section
There was an entry of Hereford suckler cows and heifers from Tanya Fox of Hurdlow, Buxton which were all PD’d in calf which met with good competition selling up to £1045 with others at £1025, £1020 etc. Other in calf cows from Ian Cook of Biddulph sold having run with the British Blue bull topped at £1130 for a Limousin x, with a Shorthorn x up to £1040.

A pedigree Limousin stock bull at 5 years of age from Paul Brook of Mayfield was bid for keenly and sold for £1230.

Young Bulls
A young 17 month old Limousin bull from Paul Brook, Mayfield at £1740 and a third similar aged bull at £1100.

Other young bulls sold up to £860 from Mr Goddard of Chinley at 15 months of age.

There were 74 steers on offer topping at £1320 for an 18 month old Hereford from R Hall & Sons of Croxden with a bunch of 5, 18 month old Herefords from Robert Chaddock at £1020.

British Blue steers at 33 months of age from Stuart Massey of Marton sold up to £1180 with a single 16 month old British Blue from Don Burton of Rough Close at £1060.

Angus steers at 21 months of age from Robert Chaddock of Gillow Heath, topped at £1140 with a single 21 month old Angus steer from Stuart Massey at £1080.

Simmental steers from Mrs Nicholls at 15 months of age achieved £1045 with Limousin steers at 12 months of age up to £1020 from A Alcock of Waterhouses. Shorthorn steers at 18 months of age sold for £950 from Don Burton of Rough Close with Holstein steers at 22 months of age topping at £850 and dairy Shorthorns at 20 months of age up to £740.

Overall average for steers was £769.66.

There were 38 heifers with a top price being £1190 for a Limousin at 21 months of age from Mrs Nicholls with an other 19 month old Limousin heifer from the Wright Family of Hartington at £1120 with British Blue heifers from Mrs Nicholls at 23 months of age up to £1190 and Simmentals at 23 months of age up to £1160 from William Smith.

Hereford heifers at 27 months of age from D & R Nicholls sold up to £975 and Hereford heifers at 32 months of age from Stuart Massey achieved up to £890. A bunch of 4, 9 month old Limousin heifers from Jonathon Hall of Longnor were well sold at £820.

Overall average for heifers was £807.76.

NEXT SALE: Saturday 7th January 2023

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