Store Cattle Sale Report 18th November 2023

Breeding Section

A very pleasing entry of 685 Store and Breeding Cattle were on offer this week plenty of buyers around the ring for all types of cattle.

A special entry Herd Dispersal, on behalf of Mr John Davies of Biddulph Moor, comprising of his suckler herd, attracted plenty of interest and topped at £1400 for a British Blue Cow, sold running with the Limousin Bull.

Other prices included £1250 for a Hereford, PD’d In-Calf 4 months, £1200 for a Simmental and £1170, £1150 and £1100 for other sucklers.

A Blue Albion Cow with a Blue Albion Heifer Calf from J Ball of Betchton achieved a good price at £1290.

There were more Young Bulls on offer this week, mainly smaller sorts, topping at £1010 for an 8-month-old Limousin for DJ Latchford of Abbotts Bromley and £990 for a 14-month-old Limousin from the same vendor.

Average for Young Bulls was £501.23.


318 Steers on offer with a 29-month Hereford, from DJ Edge of Lach Dennis, being the highlight of the day when it sold for £1840, with a 21-month Hereford, from the same vendor, achieving £1420 and a pair from A H Seabridge of Stone at 32 months achieving £1375.

A pair of Aberdeen Angus at 19-months, from A G Mellor of Sutton, made £1470 and another 29-month Aberdeen Angus from the same vendor sold for £1315.

A 30-month-old Limousin, from Peter Richardson of Ipstones, achieved £1430 with a 20-month Limousin from Messrs Wright of Hartington sold for £1385. A 40-month-old Limousin, from D & A Stonier of Congleton, achieved £1380.

Charolais Steers, at 16-months, from D Bowers of Bradley, sold for £1400 and £1390.

British Blue Steers, from S P Tomlinson of Denford, at 24-months, achieved £1355 and a pair at 22-months, form the Curtis Family of Basford, sold for £1350.

Several other British Blues sold over £1250.

A Montbeliarde Steer, from S E Bartlam of Barlaston, at 19-months, sold for £1245.

Holstein Steers achieved up to £1060 from E Cookson & Partners.

Younger Steers created plenty of interest for the best sorts up to £1110 for a 10-month-old Limousin from F Potter & Son of Yeaveley.

An 11-month-old Aberdeen Angus, from S B Mellor & Son of Winkhill, exchanged hands for £1040 and a pair of 11-month-old Blonde Steers, from E G Taylor & Partners of Rugeley, sold at £1005.

An excellent shaped 6-month-old Limousin, from Ian Cook of Biddulph, achieved a pleasing £970 and an 11-month-old Hereford, from S B Mellor & Son of Winkhill, sold for £955.

Average for Steers was £947.70.


There were 288 Heifers on offer and once again, Mr D J Edge of Lach Dennis, topped the section with a 24-month-old Hereford at £1450 with a pair of Herefords, from G W & T M Yates of Ashbourne, achieving £1170.

Simmental Heifers, from J W Campbell of Cheadle, at 32-months-old, sold up to £1395 with Charolais Heifers, from D Bowers of Bradley, achieving £1370 for a bunch of five 16-month-old cattle.

Aberdeen Angus Heifers, from A G Mellor of Sutton, at 24-months, sold for £1225 with British Blue Heifers, from D & D Gould of Waterhouses, achieving £1220 for a 21-month-old Heifer.

A 20-month-old Limousin Heifer, from Tom Gardiner of Sandbach, sold for £1220.

Charolais Heifers, at 13-months, from Geoff Goodwin of Wetley Rocks, made £1090.

Simmental Heifers at 20-months, from George Hughes of Bucknall, achieved £1090.

Younger cattle topped at £1100, for an excellent 6-month-old British Blue Heifer, from Ian Cook of Bidddulph, and a bunch of three, 6-month-old British Blue Heifers, from the same vendor, sold at £990.

11-month-old Limousin Heifers, from E J & D C Kidd of Quarnford, realised £840 with a 9-month-old Limousin, from J C & D Hudson of Wetton, selling for £740.

Overall average was £816.74.


NEXT SALE: Saturday 2nd December 2023

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