Store Cattle Sale Report 19th December

A good show of Store Cattle for the Sale before the Christmas period with 259 forward and a strong trade throughout.

Young Bulls

There were 21 bulls on offer selling to £785 for a 16 month old Piedmontese from Cyril Wain of Upper Hulme who also sold a 12 month old Whitebred bull for £760. Hereford’s sold up to £675 for a 14 month old bull from Frank Belfield, Meerbrook with 8 month old Angus’ to £640 for R W Radford, Longnor with other Angus’ at £600 and £585.
Young 4 month old Angus bulls sold to £480 and £420 for L Pointon, Biddulph Park.
Overall average of £531.25.


There were 144 steers on offer today, with some excellent consignments forward topping at £1195 for a pair of 24 month old Limousins from E A Sessions & Sons, Dalbury Lees with a pair of 18 month old Limousin steers up to £1175 from George Hicklin & family of Onecote who also sold a group of four Limousins at £1080.
A group of three Aberdeen Angus steers at 18 months old sold for £1150 for Adam Shaw, Sturston, who also sold a further pair for £995. A group of seven Angus’ from Joseph Torr Ltd, Rainow sold up to £1075.
British Blue’s topped at £1120 for a 18 month old steer from S C Lawton, Barthomley with Hereford’s to £1095 for a trio of 23 month old steers from R A Lomas, Aldwark with other Hereford’s at £1080 for G Oates, Wilmslow and £1075 for a group of four 26-27 month old Hereford’s from S Edge, Wetley Rocks and a trio of 20 month old Hereford’s at £1000 for David Haslam, Marston Montgomery. Charolais’ topped at £1085 for 19 month old steers from M J Jervis, Whiston.
Overall average of £799.27.


There were 94 heifers on offer with a leading price of £1065 for a group of four 18 month old Limousins from G W Hicklin, Onecote with a group of seven Hereford heifers at £1010 for R A Lomas, Aldwark who sold a further bunch of seven heifers for £935.
A single 20 month old Hereford from James Swindells realised £995 with a group of six Hereford heifers at £910 for D & J Haslam, Marston Montgomery.
British Blue’s sold up to £895 for a group of four 18 month old from S C Lawton, Barthomley with a 23 month old Simmental at £895 and a 25 month old Hereford at £885, both from S Edge, Wetley Rocks.

Overall average of £770.59.

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