Store Cattle Sale Report 27th April

There was a total entry of 586 Store and Breeding Cattle on offer, another good entry and an excellent company of buyers in attendance.

Breeding Section

There was a shortage of breeding cattle this week with a small entry of young bulls selling up to £1290 for a 20-month-old British Blue from M Winterbottom of Glossop, an 11-month-old Blonde Bull from Messrs Turner of Abbotts Bromley at £930 and a 6-month-old Blonde at £860.



There were 285 steers on offer with again some excellent prices, up to £1790 for a 22-month-old Limousin from S&S Harper of Morridge, older Limousins up to £1660 for a 24-month-old from B Higginson of Swythamley and £1495 for a bunch of three Limousins, at 21 months, from James Gilman of

Aberdeen Angus steers, at 25 months old from Jason Jervis of Cheadle were well sold at £1740, whilst a 23-month-old Aberdeen Angus from A Turnock & Sons of Horton achieved £1600.

Hereford steers, again from A Turnock & Sons, at 18 months old, sold for £1640.

British Blue steers from Peter Richardson of Ipstones, at 19 months old, sold for £1480 with Simmental steers at 21 months old, from TW Carnwell & Sons, achieving £1355.

Shorthorn steers up to £1180, at 24 months old, from Messrs Challinor and Holsteins up to £1100 for BP & JR Needham.

Quality younger cattle continued to be in good demand, up to £1270 for a 12-month-old British Blue steer from JJ Turner of Okeover and £1250 from Geoff Nutter at 14 months.

A bunch of three 12-month-old Limousin steers, from Amy Seabridge of Hollywood, were particularly well sold at £1230 and seven Limousin steers at 11 months old, from Geoff Nutter, sold for £1215.

Overall average achieved for Steers was £942.44.                                                                                    



295 heifers were on offer with some good shaped Limousin heifers from B Higginson of Swythamley, at 24 months old, selling up to £1490 with a 23 month old Limousin from James Gilman at £1440 and 24 month old Limousins, from PJ Stephens of Motttram, at £1375.

21-month-old British Blue heifers from JW & J Richardson of Norton Canes achieved £1395 with Aberdeen Angus up to £1370 at 19-months-old from H & R Nash of Uttoxeter.

20-month-old Aberdeen Angus from BP & JR Needham sold for £1270 and a 22-month-old Aberdeen Angus at £1265 for H & R Nash of Uttoxeter.

Herefords topped at £1260 at 26 months of age from TW Carnwell & Sons and Blondes at 19 months old, from JF Kirkham, at £1235.

Shorthorns sold up to £1220 at 25 months old and Simmentals at £1160 at 22 months of age.

Younger sorts up to £1060 for 12-month-old Limousins for Geoff Nutter and £1030 for a 12 month old Limousin for JJ Turner.

The overall average achieved for Heifers was £820.82.

 NEXT SALE: Saturday 11th May

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