Store Cattle Sale Report 2nd December 2023

498 Store and Breeding Cattle, a good entry for the time of the year, with again, plenty of buyers around the ring, ensuring that all types of Cattle were bid for keenly.

Breeding Section

In the Breeding section, an in-calf Hereford Cow, from SJ Booth of Warburton, being PD’d six and a half months in calf to the Hereford, exchanged hands for £1245, with another Hereford of similar note at £1110.

An entry of feeding Cows, from Ian Lomax of Saverley Green, topped at £930 with others at £870 and £850 (twice).

A Blonde Cow with a Hereford Heifer Calf at Foot, from DJ Haynes of Stone, exchanged hands for £1230.

Young Bulls

There was a small entry of Young Bulls with a 12-month-old Simmental Bull, from Malcolm Beardmore of Ipstones, at £710 and a pair of 19-month-old Hereford Bulls, from Mr Bilsborrow of Telford, at £765 at 19 months of age.


There were 203 Steers on offer with the top price of the day being £1690, achieved for a pair of Charolais 23-month-old Steers from Richard Gould & Family of Longnor, with another 18-month-old Charolais Steer from the same farmer, at £1395 and a bunch of three 18month old Charolais, from Ross Worthington of Edale, at £1275.

Aberdeen Angus Steers, from Kelli Prins of Cheadle, at 27 months of age, sold for £1485 with another pair of Aberdeen Angus Steers at 23 months of age, from SP Tomlinson of Denford, at £1440, Aberdeen Angus Steers from A G Mellor of Sutton, at 20 months of age, up to £1410 and a pair of 26-month-old Aberdeen
Angus, from Stuart Gould of Warslow, at £1270.

A Hereford Steer, from P & M A Lovatt of Gillow Heath, at 27 months of age, sold up to £1460 with a 24-month-old Hereford Steer, from Robert Clowes of Kingsley, at £1345 with a pair of 23-month-old Hereford Steers, from Ian Oakes of Winnothdale, at £1300.

British Blue Steers from Kelli Prins of Cheadle, at 27 months of age, sold up to £1440 with another from the same home, at 29 months of age, at £1320.

Simmental Steers from P T & S J Stokes at 23 months of age sold for £1200.

Younger Cattle topped at £1120 for a good quality Limousin Steer, from Mark Rowlinson of Ramshorn, at 11 months of age.

Friesian Steers from Grace Pykett of Ilkestone, at 22 months of age, sold up to £1080 with Dairy Shorthorn Steers from C Jackson & Sons, at 17 months of age, up to £1060 and a Montbeliarde Steer at 17 months of age, from Brian Poyser of Onecote, at £1055.

Overall average achieved for Steers was £948.88.


There were 264 Heifers on offer with Roy & June Shore of Biddulph topping the section at £1355 for a bunch of three, 25-month-old, British Blue Heifers with a 26-month-old British Blue Heifer, from Ian Wilson & Family of Hollington, at £1240 and another pair from Roy & June Shore, at 26 months of age, at £1145.

A Charolais Heifer from Ross Worthington, at 20 months of age, sold for £1250 with Herefords up to £1210 from Ian Barks of Blackshaw Moor, at 25 months of age with a pair of 23-month-old Hereford Heifers, from Ian Oakes of Winnothdale  at £1155.

A Shorthorn Heifer, at 26 months of age, from Roy & June Shore of Biddulph, sold at £1135.

Aberdeen Angus Heifers from Nigel Moss of Meerbrook, at 24 months of age, achieved up to £1190 with another 21-month-old Aberdeen Angus Heifer, from Royston Pepper & Family of Apedale, at £1170.

Limousin Heifers topped at £1150 for Mark Rowlinson of Ramshorn at, 18 months of age, a bunch of three 10-month-old Limousin Heifers, from Mark Rowlinson, sold for £960 and a pair of 14 month old Limousin Heifers, from J L Mellor & Partners of Sutton, also selling for £1160.

The average for |Heifers was £732.80 including a number of smaller sorts.



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