Store Cattle Sale Report 7th May 2022

Another pleasing entry of 650 cattle this Saturday with a good company of buyers in attendance with some strong prices achieved.

Breeding Section
There was a large entry of breeding cattle including a special entry from JC Howells & Partners of Rugeley which met with a good demand selling up to £1480 for a Simmental cow with a Simmental heifer calf at foot, £1475 for a South Devon cow with a Simmental heifer calf at foot and £1430 for a Charolais cow with a Charolais steer calf at foot. Other outfits sold for £1420, £1360 and £1260.

In calf cows from the same vendors topped at £1405 for a Charolais cow PD’d in calf to the Simmental bull with others up to £1385, £1315 and £1280.

Another herd reduction from the Woodfield Family of Market Drayton also sold to good competition with a Stabiliser cow with a pair of Stabiliser heifer calves at foot selling for £1820 and another Stabiliser outfit with 2 bull calves at foot achieving £1630.

A Stabiliser cow with a Stabiliser heifer calf at foot achieved £1650 and another outfit with bull calf at foot selling for £1610. Feeding cows from Ian Lomax of Saverley Green achieved up to £1080 for a 64 month old British Blue with a older Simmental cow at £1070 and others at £990 and £970.

A 4 year Pedigree Hereford bull from Marston Park Farm achieved £1580.

Young Bulls
There was a short supply of young feeding bulls with a 9 month old Charolais selling for £820 from Marston Park Farm, a British Blue from Messrs Nicholls of Wetley Rocks at 8 months of age achieving £805 and an 8 month old Hereford bull from Ken Grocott at £760.

There were 299 steers on offer with some excellent prices selling up to £1745 for a 24 month old Angus steer from Malcolm Ollerenshaw of Hope Valley with a 24 month old Limousin from the same vendor at £1715 and a 22 month old Limousin again from the same vendor at £1665.

Simmental steers from Mr Ollerenshaw sold up to £1620 at 27 months of age with a 26 month old Simmental from Jason Jervis of Cheadle at £1465. Charolais steers from Malcolm Ollerenshaw sold up to £1620 at 23 months of age with a British Blue steer from the same vendor at 23 months of age at £1580 and a pair from Keith Minshull of Bosley at £1470 being 21 months of age.

Other top prices included £1340 for a bunch of 3, 26 month old Longhorns from M Smith of Sutton on the Hill, Ashbourne with several other quality Limousin steers achieving over £1400.

A Blonde steer at 23 months of age from Brian Wainwright sold for £1165 with an Angus at 16 months of age from K A Prins of Draycott Cross at £1180 and a Black and White 26 month old steer from Messrs White of Sheffield at £1085.

Younger cattle sold up to £1110 for a bunch of 14 month old Hereford steers from Mr DA & LM Moss of Rushton Spencer with 13 month old Limousin steers from the Wright Family of Buxton at £1100 and a pair of 13 month old Limousin steers from Mark Rowlinson of Ramshorn at £1050 and 10 month old Limousins from Alan Hayes at £1035.

Overall average achieved for steers was £932.59.

There were 269 heifers on offer with a top price being £1395 for a pair of 24 month old Limousins from J Gilman & Partners of Bosley with another 20 month old Limousin heifer from Keith Minshull & Family of Bosley at £1240 and Simmental heifers from JM Robinson of Swythamley at 26 months of age up to £1365 and another 26 month old Simmental from Roy Shore of Biddulph at £1280 with British Blue heifers up to £1275 at 22 months of age from Keith Minshull & Family.

A Blonde 20 month old heifer again from Keith Minshull and Family sold for £1190 with Herefords up to £1140 at 34 months of age from A & L Johnson of Litchfield with Angus topping at £1040 for a 14 month old heifer from K A Prins of Draycott Cross.

Younger cattle sold up to £1080 for a 13 month old Limousin from Mark Rowlinson with the overall average achieved for heifers being £798.53.

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