Market Report 12th January

Another busy Tuesday market, with some excellent reports in all sections.
A very strong trade for hogget’s this Tuesday with leading prices of 293p/kg and averaging 263p/kg or £114.58 per head. A fast trade for cull ewes also selling to £150 and averaging £81.50/head!
An excellent entry of 60 dairies and another brisk trade throughout, selling to £2190 and £2090 for heifers with plenty of milkers in the £1700 – £1900 bracket.
More barren cattle about this Tuesday and they sold on a solid trade with prices up nationally and topping at 166p/kg to average 111.79p/kg. Strong trade for clean cattle selling to 230p/kg for Limousin heifers, with steers to 227p/kg and bulls to 210p/kg.

More pigs about and trade similar to last week, with some decent prices achieved. Bacon pigs sold to 134p/kg with heavier pigs up to 128p/kg.

Not enough calves to keep up with the demand on offer, with many orders not fulfilled. No best quality bulls but leading prices of £332 for Blues and heifers to £270.

Barren Cows (50);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A much sharper trade for barren cattle this Tuesday to top at 166p/kg for a 505kg British Blue heifer from J Bailey & Sons, Greenway Bank and a 660kg Friesian at 152p/kg for RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks and 152p/kg for a 680kg Aberdeen Angus from Harrison Partners, Rushton Spencer.
Simmental cows topped at 145p/kg for a 795kg cow and 145p/kg for a 745kg cow, both from Rushton Spencer.

Other top prices include;
139p 740kg Holstein – RD & A Lomas, Calow
138p 655kg Charolais – C & EJ Whilock, Werrington
128p 745kg Holstein – DJ & KL Leadbetter, Sudbury
127p 770kg Holstein – RG & AS Williamson
126p 820kg Hereford – P & D Smallwood, Middlewich
124p 695kg Friesian – T G Adams & Son, Calwich
124p 800kg Holstein – ET & ME Pemberton, Cheadle
123p 810kg Holstein – ET & ME Pemberton, Cheadle
121p 740kg Holstein – NE Goodwin & Son, Upper Hulme
121p 775kg Holstein – D & G Tudor, Kingsley Moor
Overall average of 111.79p/kg or £772.59 per head.

Top headage price of £1152.75 and £1080.25 for the two Simmental cows, with Holsteins to £1058.40 and Angus’ to £1033.60, Hereford’s to £1033.20.

Clean Cattle (11);

Selling time – 10:45am approx.
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A quality entry on offer with buyers after cattle with a top price of 230p/kg for a 555kg Limousin heifer from Chris Barnsley, Morridge Top who also so a 615kg Limousin bull for 210p/kg.

Mark Butler sold a 525kg Aberdeen Angus steer at 227p/kg and also a 515kg Limousin heifer for 211p/kg, to J W Ash Butchers of Leek.
Other steers sold to 210p/kg for a 570kg British Blue from J Bailey & Sons, Greenway Bank.

A run of Charolais cattle sold to 192p/kg for a 580kg heifer and 190p/kg for a 555kg heifer from J D Bradbury, Barrow Moor and also a 650kg Charolais steer to 180p/kg.

Top headage price of £1291.50 for the Limousin bull, heifers to £1276.50 and £1113.60 with steers to £1197 and £1191.75.

Dairies (60);

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

A smashing entry forward in the Dairy Section at Leek on Tuesday saw a really buoyant trade for all qualities from start to finish.
Topping the day was regular vendor Andrew Mills of Ratcliffe on Wreake who saw his 27kg heifer reach £2190. Close behind at £2090 was Richard Lomas of Calow for his 26kg heifer.

Numerous heifers were in that £1700-£1800 bracket including a Norwegian Red X from M Trevor-Jones at £1750 and a Shorthorn X heifer from Messrs Howe at £1710.
The special entry of In-calf heifers from S & D Fearn sold extremely well to top at £1480 and average £1380.
Entries for the Pedigree Sale are coming in thick and fast with over 60 already entered. Good numbers in the commercial section also expected so there will be plenty of milk on offer.


Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A decent trade again for pigs this Tuesday and great to see plenty forward, including from new vendors.
Pork pigs sold to 125p/kg for a pen of four 75kg gilts from K Dipple, Studley who also sold 68kg pigs at 118p/kg.
A smaller entry of cutting pigs, however leading price of 122p/kg for a pair of 81kg gilts from J & B Fentem who sold other gilts at 121p/kg and 120p/kg.
A bumper entry of bacon pigs topping at 134p/kg for a pair of 93kg gilts from PF & PD Parsons, Whitchurch who also sold a 99kg gilt at 130p/kg and 98kg gilts at 130p/kg also. J & B Fentem sold bacon pigs to 130p/kg and 128p/kg and a trio of 92kg pigs at 127p/kg from J Davenport, Gawsworth and also 127p/kg for a 102kg gilt from Bernard Minshull, Buxton.
Heavy pigs topped at 128p/kg for 105kg pigs from PF & PD Parsons, and 125p/kg for 109kg pigs from JR Mosedale & son, Longford with 124p/kg being paid for 122kg gilts from K Dipple, 110kg gilt from A & S Needham, Monyash and for a 110kg gilt from J & B Fentem.

Cull sows sold up to 70p/kg for a 251kg sow from Chatsworth Estate and 66p/kg for a 243kg sow from the same home.

Pork Pigs (9); av 115.94p/kg or £72.40/head
Cutting Pigs (10); av 119.37p/kg or £99.07/head
Bacon Pigs (82); av 110.17p/kg or £104.01/head
Heavy Pigs (27); av 108.40p/kg or £121.94/head
Cull Sows (4); av 52.21p/kg or £117.35/head

Sheep Section;

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)

* AVERAGE £114.58 PER HEAD! *

Thank you to vendor for bringing the lambs forward today and answering the request for numbers. A pleasing entry and a very fast trade throughout.

Best sorts topping at 293p/kg multiple times, and plenty at 280p and above. Many more of the best sorts could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Commercial quality lambs a firm trade throughout and the overall average coming in at 263p/kg. numerous pens at £130/head or above.

Consistent numbers required every week! Thank you for your continued support!

Sample prices;
280p 36.4kg R Greasley, Kedleston
293p 41.1kg FS & MJ Heath, Pipe Gate
293p 42.4kg A J Gilman, Elkstones
288p 41.5kg M & M Heath, Heaton
284p 43.3kg D M Elliott & Son, Little Hucklow
284p 44.5kg G T Worsley & Son
293p 46.3kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
288p 45.8kg J B Wright, Hartington
288p 46.2kg R & S Bailey, Cloudside
262p 52.4kg D Williams, Basford
247p 56kg Mosley & Son, Wormhill

Cull Sheep (238);

A good entry sold on a competitive trade. Topping at £150 for Texel’s from Roger & Simon Bailey with others at £138. Best Mules to £94 and heavy mules generally £78 – £85.
Overall average of £81.50.

Calves (80);

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899);

A very disappointing entry of only 80 calves but a full line up of buyers and a sky-high beef trade led to an outstanding trade throughout.

24 Continental Bulls
The level of trade has to be witnessed to be believed with all buyers short of requirements. No very best bulls about but still five over £300 to a high of £332 for Messrs Higginson, Mobberley. Medium bulls £240 – £280 with only a couple under £210.
12 Blues av £270 to £332 – TD & DA Higginson
5 Sims av £216 to £280 – R Cooper & Son
6 Lims av £257 to £290 – JA & CJ Sherwin

27 Continental Heifers
Just like the bulls with not enough calves to satisfy the demand. Best Limousins to £270 for Andrew Hulme, Basford with the best five over £235. Mediums £180 – £220 with a few smaller sorts around £150.
14 Blues av £176 to £255 – Woodward Partners
6 Sims av £188 to £240 – S & M Huxley & Son
5 Lims av £167 to £270 – DW & P Hulme

11 Natives
Angus bulls to £220 for Messrs Davenport, Sandbach with Herefords to £212 for W E Turnock & Sons.
14 Black & White Bulls av £92.84
Possibly trade of the day. Friesians to £128; Holsteins to £120 and Monty’s t o £150. Mediums bulls £50 – £80.

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