Market Report Tuesday 16th April

Seeing a good trade in the Sheep today with some excellent prices being achieved, a top price of 562p/kg for Spring Lambs and Hoggs topping at 450p/kg.

Once again, plenty of Calves on offer with a top price Bull at £440 and a top in the Heifers of £350.

Trade still good in the Barrens with a top price of 201p/kg and a top headage price of £1871.50 and a top price in the clean cattle of 258p/kg.

The monthly pedigree sale in the Dairies saw a top price of £2740 with nine past the £200 mark but rather an unsettled trade with the wet weather we are experiencing.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good firm trade throughout with a good company of buyers, seeing a top price of 201p/kg for a 760kg Limousin X Cow from HG Nutter of Grindon with a 950kg Charolais Cow from Chris Wardle of Elworth achieving 197p/kg to gross £1871.50.

A 655kg British Blue Cow and a 690kg British Blue Cow, both from HG Nutter, sold to 194p/kg and 193p/kg and a 680kg Simmental Cow was well sold at 188p/kg.


Others included:

665kg  Mont    – 186p/kg        EB&BM Sutton

585kg   Norw      – 183p/kg       EB&BM Sutton

695kg  Hols       – 175p/kg       A&JE Goldstraw


Top headage price was £1871.50 for the Charolais Cow from Chris Wardle and £1527.60 for a Limousin from HG Nutter.



A small entry but good competition seeing a 760kg Stabiliser Steer, for DA Whitehurst of Nobut, achieving 258p/kg to gross £1960.80, a 660kg Longhorn Steer from the same vendor at 243p/kg and a 555kg Longhorn Steer, also from MR Whitehurst of Nobut, at 240p/kg.

A 745kg Stabiliser Steer achieved 236p/kg.

Top headage price was £1960.80 and £1758.20.


PIGS (82);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

Similar numbers to last week forward. Trade patchy and 100kg plus harder to place.

Top price 195p/kg for Pietrain boars, sows to 60p


Cutters sold to 195p from Ben Vernon for boars. J&B Fentem sold to 189p, 188p, 186p. RA Hughes, 175p.


Bacon pigs sold to 195p from B Vernon, 194p for PF+PD Parsons, 193p for JA&B Minshull. 192p from J&B Fentem.


Heavy pigs hard work selling to 100p from M Banham.


Sows sold to 60p from C Hine, 55p from S Proctor, 50p from A Worth.


Pig Averages.

Cutting Pigs (22);   av 169.40p/kg or £136.60/head

Bacon Pigs (47);     av 169.20p/kg or £152.96/head

Heavy Pigs (8);      av 83.72p/kg or £100.68/head

Sow(5)                   av 53.41pp/kg or £113.76.77/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)


TOP OF £2740

Despite having a top price of £2740 and 9 past £2000 it was a very unsettled days trading with the continuing poor weather having a definite impact with fewer purchasers in attendance and those there being very choosy.

Top call at £2740 went to the Needham family of Rushton for an Applejax daughter. Sold giving 34kg, she went to Andrew Hulme of Basford.  They had another to £2680 giving 34kg to Angela Bailey of Brown Edge.

Andrew Stone of Onecote had a heifer to £2500 to Ed Clowes of Kingsley with Messrs Shepherd of Bakewell seeing their Alcove daughter reach £2360, also to Andrew Hulme.

Cows peaked at £2200 for a second calver from the Braemarhouse Herd of Messrs Mellor.

A lovely group of calves including 3 Ayrshires met a great deal of interest topping at £310.



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


An excellent trade for all types, topping at 562p/kg form Rob and Andy Williamson and top headage at £226.80.

Overall average at 514p/kg. More now required weekly.

Sample Prices:

562p    35.8kg RG&AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

530p    36kg    GG Burton, Repton

520p    37kg    A Trigg, Longsdon

552p    37.5kg RG&AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

550p    38.8kg IE,M&A Wilson, Hollington



A seasonal entry but some excellent runs of well finished hoggs which were well rewarded with a sharp demand throughout.

Best sorts at 420p and better to top 450p/kgfrom David Edgecox. Top headage at £260/head for heavy sorts.

Overall average of 390p or 409p SQQ. A lot of lean and under fed hoggs forward which sell at much lower levels but are included in the averages.


Sample Prices: –

432p    37.5kg D Edgecox, Onecote

442p    39kg    M&C Hall, Sheen

431p    39kg    PG Read, Uttoxeter

450p    40kg    D Edgecox, Onecote

440p    40.1kg R Challinor, Dilhorne

438p    40.7kg JB Wright, Hartington

450p    41kg    AW Wilshaw, Meerbrook

448p    42.3kg SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

448p    43kg    L Wright, Hartington

433p    43.5kg M&C Hall, Sheen

438p    43.6kg D Edgecox, Onecote

430p    46.5kg J Bonsall, Atlow

428p    47.5kg CW Shenton, Wilmslow



A similar entry to last week in terms of numbers, trade up a notch on the week with better ewes on offer. Top price for texel ewes from A Trigg, Longsdon at £184. Top 16 pens £150+.


Continental types £135+

Mules topped at £130

Plain mules £85-95

Hill types £60-70


Overall average £111.66/head


Tups topped at £180 from Andy Williamson. 


Overall average £134.67.14


CALVES (139)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Good numbers again with some very good calves on offer and a solid trade but three lots of Spring Calves today (80 Calves) had their effect on the averages.


All sizes, breeds and ages represented with the best excellent to sell with five best over £400 and a high of £440 for a posh British Blue from Graham Turnock of Onecote who also had another at £400. Less medium today with £280-£345 with a lot of smaller (Spring Calves) today under £100.

28 Blues av £185 to £440          WE Turnock & Sons

3 Sims   av £345 to £410          RJ Clowes & Sons

5 Lims    av £231 to £350          RG&AS Williamson


Same story as the Bulls and not enough good Calves to fill the orders. A big British Blue from Andrew Hulme made £350 with the better sorts generally £230-£290 and
the Spring Calving sorts under £100.

14 Blues av £139 to £350          DW&P Hulme

3 Sims    av £250 to £280          H&E Bailey & Ptns

4 Lims   av £109 to £288           RG&AS Williamson


Big numbers but quality somewhat less.

9 Here Bulls     av £90 to £160 Adaptive Farming

26 Angus Bulls av £78 to £155  R Wain & Sons

10 Here Hfs     av £63 to £76   R Wain & Sons

24 Angus Hfs    av £34 to £62   R Wain & Sons


A smart Friesian type made £210 with a couple more better types over £100. Smaller bulls £32-£60 today.



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