Market Report Tuesday 26th March

A beautiful spring day for the Easter Spring Lamb Show and Sale with the Champion Lamb, for R Brough & Son of Monyash reaching 840p.

Plenty of Calves around and good prices being achieved from old and new vendors alike, seeing a top price for Bulls of £465 and Heifers up to £290.

A good firm trade in the Barren shed with a top price of 229p/kg being achieved for a Simmental Cow.


A few less on offer in the Dairies but prices still reaching £2120 for a Friesian Heifer.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A good firm trade throughout, seeing a top price of 229p/kg for a 650kg Simmental, from AP Freeman of Rugeley, to gross £1488.50 with a 635kg Simmental, from the same home, making 222p/kg to gross £1409.70, A third Simmental, weighing 630kg achieved 180p/kg.

Montbeliarde Cows, an 810kg for RJ Clowes & Sons of Kingsley, sold to 179p/kg and a 630kg British Blue Cow for S Kidd of Longnor reached 178p/kg. A 795kg Charolais, from Sheila Kidd of Quarnford, achieved 175p/kg.

Other top prices:

174p    390kg   Saler     S Kidd, Longnor

171p    685kg   B&W   JC&D Hudson, Hollinsclough

170p    785kg   B&W   FJ Gould & Son, Longnor

170p    690kg   Here     SFG Clowes, Rudyard

170p    735kg  Here     AP Freeman, Rugeley


A small entry with a Simmental Steer at 700kg achieved 217p/kg and a 550kg Simmental Heifer selling for 209p/kg.

Top headage price £1519.00


PIGS (84)

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

An increased entry sold on a fast trade topping a 216p. sows topped at 153p and a cull boar to 102p.


Porkers topped at 216p from JG Belfield sheen and 186p for boars from C Blackshaw.


Cutters topped at 215p from JG Belfield. J&B Fentem saw 212p and R Brough 207p, 196p and 194p.


Bacon pigs topped at 216p for JG Belfield, J&B Fentem to 214p, S Bailey to 214p and B Minshull to 209p.


Heavies to 195p from C Hine and 190p for J&B Fentem.


Sows topped at 153p and 146p from the Godber Family at Belper who also had a cull boar to 102p.


Pig Averages.

Porkers (2)           av. 200.00p/kg or £143.91/head

Cutting Pigs (13);  av 203.29p/kg or £163.25/head

Bacon Pigs (61);   av 198.39p/kg or £182.23/head

Heavy Pigs (5);     av 180.94p/kg or £202.66/head

Sows (2)               av 149.50p/kg or £191.36/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Dairies to £1780

Dairies to £2120.

Quality was in short supply on Tuesday in the dairy shed, however, best Heifers reached £2120 for a Friesian Heifer from the Trivetts of Ratcliffe Culey, Atherstone.

Cows topped at £1880 for a second calver from Andrew and Jane Brookes of Field, who also had a second calver at £1850.



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)



A modest entry for the easter show and sale with an early easter this year. A big thanks to Karl James from W James Butchers, Baddeley Green for judging the lambs.

Champion lamb went to R Brough & Son, Monyash selling to 840p or £319.20 to Danny Hill on behalf of M Najib & Sons.


Sample Prices:

450p    30kg     RG&AS Willimason, Wetley Rocks

530p    38kg     IE M & A Williamson, Hollington

500p    38kg     J&GJ Fryer, Horton

560p    43kg     RG&AS Willimason, Wetley Rocks

590p    43kg     IE M & A Williamson, Hollington

490p    45kg     D Bennett, Somersal Herbert

560p    47kg     RG&AS Willimason, Wetley Rocks

475p    48kg     IE M & A Williamson, Hollington

425p    47kg     H Lyons, Congleton



A solid entry sold on a fast trade a few less than last week with 917 head sold. Meated sorts keenly bid after with a few plainer sorts still adding up well in the lump.

Overall average at 377p/kg or £166.95.

Best Hoggs to 441p/kg from Rob Machin and David Willaims and plenty of pens at 410-440p/kg.

Best big Hoggs coming to £237.25/head.

Sample Prices: –

346p    32kg    J Walker, Stafford

440p    38kg    R&S Bailey, Cloudside

410p    39k      H Hodgkinson, Earl Sterndale

395p    39kg   J Wright, Hartington

435p    40kg   EA Sessions, Dalbury Lees

440p    44kg   SJ Pace, Congleton

441p    45kg    R Machin, Rudyard

424p    46kg    W Prime, Sudbury

441p    47kg    D Willaims, Basford

428p    49kg    H Hodgkinson, Earl Sterndale

418p    50kg    J Belfield&R Deakin-Gallimore, Leigh

400p    53kg    EA Sessions, Dalbury Lees

388p    54kg    Thomas Alleynes High School

408p    56kg    C Plant, Elkstones



A reduced entry sold on a solid trade. A large proportion of hill types forward, with the overall quality less than previous weeks.


Top price £185 for texel ewes. Top 14 pens over £150.

Meated texel types £150+

Meated mules £100- £115

Plainer mules £70-90

Hill types £50-80.


Tups topped at £172 for texels.

Overall average £106/head.


CALVES (125)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Good numbers and a few extra seasonal buyers at ringside led to a solid trade for all on offer.


Good calves are an unreal price at the moment with the six best over £370 with a few over £400. James Hodgkinson had two British Blues (12 weeks old) at £465 and
£440 with a 39-day old, from Norman Mellor, at £405. Medium Bulls £230-£300 with smaller Calves under £200.

19 Blues av £254 to £465          H Hodgkinson&Sons

8 Sims   av £267 to £370          H&E Bailey&Partners

3 Lims    av £235 to £295          J Kirkham


Extra buyers led to strong prices throughout the day. British Blues peaked at £290 on two occasions for Messrs Goodwin & Jolliffe with the best ten over £230.
Mediums £160-£210 with smaller sorts under £150.

18 Blues av £206 to £290          NE Goodwin & Son

                                £290          MA&WJ Jolliffe

3 Sims    av £189 to £235          H&E Bailey&Partners

7 Lims    av £150 to £190          JC&D Hudson


Plenty of Aberdeen Angus and Herefords today and good money for all, dependant on size and shape.

6 Her Bulls       av £195 to £255 KW Powell

15 Angus Bulls av  £97 to £308 McLeavy

3 Her Hfs          av £166 to £195 KW Powell

9 Angus Hfs     av £108 to £255 DI Ball & Son


Strong Friesians sold to £262 for Iam Gregson and £230 for Graham Turnock with the smaller end generally £27-£70, depending on
size and age.




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