Market Report Tuesday 30th April

A lovely sunny day in Leek today and 100% clearance was achieved in all sections.

 Some good spring lambs on offer with a top price of 472p/kg and Hoggs at 414p/kg.

Calves still performing well with a British Blue bull topping at £410 and a Limousin heifer at £360.

Top price in the pig shed was 207p/kg for fat pigs, seeing a firm trade throughout.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A small entry this week in keeping with the national trends.

Trade was firm throughout, seeing cows up to 191p/kg for a 610kg Red Poll Cow from A P Freeman with a 665kg Friesian achieving 175p/kg.

Two overage Simmental steers, from A P Freeman, were bid for keenly to 228p/kg at 650kg to gross £1482 and 224p/kg at 635kg to gross £1422.



A shortage of quality with vendors well pleased with the prices achieved.

A 610kg Simmental from A P Freeman achieved 239p/kg to gross £1457.90 and a 565kg Limousin from G Baskerville at 234p/kg.

A 520kg Hereford from Dennis Jeffery sold for 220p/kg.


PIGS (64);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

A reduced entry was met with a firm trade, topping at 207p for fats and 118p for sows.


Porkers sold to 198p and 180p from J&B Fentem.


Cutters sold to 205p from S Bailey. J&B Fentem saw 201p x2, 200p x2. J Davenport’s pigs realised 200p. S Bailey 199p.


Bacon Pigs sold to 207p from R Watson, Chester, B Minshull sold to 205p and 203p. J Davenport to 205p. S Bailey to 202p. C Hine to 199p and 197p.


Heavy pigs sold to 195p from S Harper, 191p from C Hine and 186p from R Watson.


Sows sold to 118p or £217.12 from S Harper.


Pig Averages:

Pork Pigs (2)                 av 189.41p/kg or £125.01/head

Cutting Pigs (23)          av 198.56p/kg or £162.73/head

Bacon Pigs (28)            av 190.71p/kg or £180.43/head

Heavy Pigs (4)              av 191.75p/kg or £210.93/head

Sow (1)                         av 118p/kg or £217.12/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

A very mixed quality of milkers was matched by the trade however a 100% clearance was achieved.

Already entered for next week, 3 stylish In-calf Heifers from R Lomas. If you have entries, please get in touch with Anna on 07532 237232 so that we can promote them for you!



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


Numbers becoming more established and some good lambs forward again but also some ‘common lambs’ which had good interest but impacted in the averages.

Trade in line with the national trend, topping at 472p/kg and an overall average of 437p/kg.

Top headage pf £212.40 and overall average at £175/head.

Sample Prices:

468p    36.5kg CG Buckston, Sutton on the Hill

469p    38kg    CG Buckston, Sutton on the Hill

458p    40kg    IE,M&A Wilson, Hollington

452p    40.3kg RG&AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks

472p    45kg    AD Williams, Basford



A smaller entry with trade generally less, as per the national trade but good interest on all lots with all seeing competitive bidding.

Best sorts to 414p/kg and plenty of best lambs at 380p-410p.

Top headage at £227.80.

More best finished hoggs could be sold to the vendors advantage.

Sample Prices: –

372p    35kg    RA&KD Day, Basford

399p    40kg    KW&AM Minshull, Bosley

413p    42kg    D Machin, Rudyard

414p    43kg    D Williams, Basford

388p    43.7kg RG Hall, Congleton

400p    45kg    FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

400p    46kg    D Machin, Rudyard

404p    46.7kg CW Shenton, Wilmslow

391p    47.2kg WB&DE Gyte, Barmoor Clough

399p    47.8kg CW Shenton, Wilmslow

400p    47.8kg FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

380p    54.7kg FS&MJ Heath, Pipe Gate

375p    53.9kg AD Williams, Basford



An increase in numbers and a trade to match. A large contingent of Mules and hill types in the mix were met with competitive bidding. Top price on the day £228 for a Texel from Brad Hunter, Onecote. Other Texels to £215.


Continental types £150+

Mules topped at £148

Plain Mules £110-£120

Hill types £85-£100


Overall average £130.86/head


Tups topped at £208 for Emily Nicholls.


Overall average £128.54.


CALVES (129)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

More on offer and another fantastic trade throughout with all calves looking well sold and the averages looking good.


Good to sell and plenty of punters looking to buy numbers. Thirteen topped £320 including an Andrew Hulme special at £410 with Pete Woodward and Graham Turnock
both at £385. Medium bulls £240-£300 with just four under £200.

19 Blues av £298 to £410          DW & P Hulme

3 Sims   av £345 to £375          PN Holdcroft

7 Lims    av £237 to £320          Woodward Partners


More on offer, more quality and a fine trade to boot! Three posh heifers topped £300 with Norman Mellor at the top of the list at £360 with a superb ‘Cow making’
Limousin. Medium heifers £230-£260 with just five under £200.

15 Blues av £236 to £340          DW & P Hulme

1 Sim                   to £295          H & E Bailey

3 Lims    av £303 to £360          NG, JMH & H Mellor


We still attract a lot, and it is little wonder the buyers we have for them.

19 Here Bulls   av £127 to £210 C Heath & Sons

6 Angus Bulls av   £100 to £145 R Wain & Sons

14 Here Hfs     av £98   to £198 R Wain & Sons

11 Angus Hfs  av £102 to £205 Woodward Partners


Stronger money with five over £100 and up to £195 (x2) with the smaller sorts reaching £70-£90.


Best was two Limousin Heifers (3mths) at £520 for KW Cresswell, Yeaveley.




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