Market Report Tuesday 4th June

A quieter sale for the beginning of June with 865 sheep on offer in total, although an increase in Spring Lambs forward as the season starts to take hold with prices well in line with other outlets seeing the best to 480p and £238.42.

Good entry in the Pigs this week with 106 on offer with bacon pigs at 231p/kg.

Some satisfied customers in the Barren section with a top price of 186p/kg and a top headage price of £1445.70.

100 Calves on offer today with a British Blue Bull topping at £400 and a Limousin Heifer topping at £300.

Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A good firm trade with vendors being well satisfied with the prices achieved.
Top price of the day was 186p for a 635kg Friesian cow from D R&A Shuker of Bosley and also for a 705kg Holstein from W E Turnock & Sons.
A 660kg British Blue Cow from D C & C J Tunnicliffe of Dilhorne was well sold at 185p/kg.

Other top prices as follows:
183p/kg – 790kg Holstein Foker Grange Farm
180p/kg – 710kg Friesian X DR & A Shuker
179p/kg – 500kg B Blue X DC & CJ Tunnicliffe
176p/kg – 740kg Friesian Foker Grange Farm
Overaged Steers were well sold up to 183p/kg for a 745kg Aberdeen Angus from D & E Barlow of Warslow with others from the same vendor at 177p/kg for an 810kg Aberdeen Angus.

Top headage price was £1445.70 for cows and £1433.70 for overaged steers.

A small entry with plenty of buyers around the ring.

Top price was 218p/kg for a 655kg Bull from JS Hine of Biddulph to gross £1427.90 with Black & White Heifers up to 180p/kg at 475kg.

PIGS (106);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)
An increased entry with vendors travelling from far and wide today. Best butchers pigs a pleasure to sell, topping at 231p. Sows a good trade for the quality forward, topping at 97p.

A single porker sold to 188p from MR Banham, Bromsgrove.

Cutters sold to 226p from J&B Fentem who had others to 225p, 224px2. G Tomlinson saw 219p and the Hufhes Family, Ilkeston saw 186p, 175p & 172px2.

Bacon pigs sold to 231p from Massie Farms who had others to 230p x2, 228p. J&B Fentem saw 228p. Chris Hine sold to 226p and 220p, R Brough sold to 218p.

Heavies sold to 185p for 122kg pigs from MR Banham who had others to 180p, R Brough sold to 180p. Distant traveller W Stamper sold Saddlebacks to 80p at 137kg.

Sows sold to 97p for G Tomlinson and 54p for a Saddleback from A Worth.

Pig Averages:
Pork Pigs (1) av 188.00p/kg or £131.60/head
Cutting Pigs (21) av 203.24/kg or £160.85/head
Bacon Pigs (70) av 126.22/kg or £190.96/head
Heavy Pigs (10) av 186.00/kg or £169.26/head
Sows (2) av .76/kg or £179.91/head

Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

A solid trade for dairies saw a top price of £2100 for a Cogent Twist daughter from the Gregory family of Drointon.

More numbers are definitely needed to satisfy demand. If you have stock to sell contact Meg Elliott on 07967 007049.

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
A much stronger entry forward today with a good solid trade, seeing the best big lambs up to 480p/kg, a top headage price of £238.42 for D Williams of Basford.

A much reduced entry today as expected
Best sorts still very well bid for at 370p-390p/kg but a lot of under finished typed forward, dragging the average to 325p/kg.
Best Hoggs to 390p/kg and best big Hoggs to £198.40/head.

Overall average at £158/head for a mixed sample.

A strong trade for all types, perhaps a touch back on the week, nonetheless, a good trade. Texels topped at £236 from the Machin Family, Horton. Beltex to £234 from Ellis Farming. Top 17 pens over £160.

Continental types £160+
Mules topped at £151
Plain Mules £100-£115
Hill types £80-£90
Overall average £131.59/head

Tups topped at £200 from D Williams.

Overall average £162.80

CALVES (100)
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
Just 100 calves and although there would be less onlookers at ringside, the calves were still a marvellous trade.
Still as good as ever with buyers looking for numbers. Best bulls comfortably over £320 and up to £400 for Messrs Wilson, Blithbury. Mediums £300-£320 with just 7 smaller bulls under £300.
7 Blues av £334 to £400 PWJ&S Wilson
7 Sims av £303 to £385 TD& DA Higginson
8 Lims av £214 to £392 NG,JMH&H Mellor
Perhaps a shade less money but it really is splitting hairs. Best cow making Limousin heifers topped at £300 for Ian Gregson, Hanbury with a handful of best sorts £270+. Mediums £200-£250 with a few smalls under £200.
15 Blues av £213 to £270 EJ&VC Gilman
3 Sim av £185 to £200 TD& DA Higginson
7 Lims av £190 to £300 I&GE Gregson
Look best sold on the day once again.
3 Here Bulls av £146 to £170 A Howe
18 Angus Bulls av £181 to £300 PE Holmes & Son
1 W/Black to £180 DR&A Shuker&Sons
4 Here Hfs av £139 to £190 DI Ball & Son
8 Angus Hfs av £96 to £135 A Howe
Better strong Frieisian x Bulls to £252 for RJ Salt, Rudyard and £185 for A Povey & Sons, Doveridge. Smallest bulss £42-£80.
Limousin Bull to £410 (3-4mths) CR Upton, Yoxall
Limousin Heifers to £400 (2-4mths) CR Upton, Yoxall
80 Holsteins, Shorthorns & Jerseys
Incl. Shorthorn Society Show & Sale
Fully Catalogued Sale from some of the Leading Herds in the Midlands and Surrounding Counties. A Tremendous Entry already received from:
Appleberry (8), Burbrook (3), Braemarhouse (4), Brundcliffe (4), Hollyhurst, Meldamar(3), Millhurst (3), Tanant (3)
Incl 12 Pedigree In-Calf Heifers (due June onwards) from Messrs Shirt, 8 Pedigree In-Calf Heifers from Messrs Godber, 20 Commercial Shorthorn Youngstock & a Pedigree AA Stock Bull (24mths)
For Further Details & Catalogues Contact (01889) 562811 Ref: MEE
Catalogued Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle
Entries Close Friday 31ST MAY
(Following the usual commercial entry)
Forthcoming Dairy Sale
On behalf of Messrs Waterfall, Underhill Farm, Stanford on Soar, Leics.
Genuine sale of an unselected group of 50 NMR Recorded FRESH NZ Friesians. An abundance of milk on offer. Vac Lepto, BVD & IBR & Johnes Monitored. Cubicles & Herringbone. Herd Av 6000kg 4.10%F 3.55%P cc183. 12 monthly TB and never had a case!

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