Market Report Tuesday 7th May

Another successful day in Leek, once again seeing 100% clearance in all sections.

Good numbers in the sheep section with once again, over 1000 head of sheep on offer, seeing Spring Lambs topping at 508p/kg, Hoggs at 450p/kg and Ewes at £190/head.

The calf section was on fire once again with a British Blue Bull topping at £480 and a Simmental heifer and a Limousin heifer both reaching £405.

An excellent trade seen in the pigs with a top price of 234p for fats closely followed at 232p.

Dairies reached £1900 for a Heifer and £1880 for a second calver.



Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)

A very firm trade seeing a top price of 205p/kg for a 525kg Friesian from DR & A Shuker and a 700kg Friesian from RG & AS Williamson achieved 188p/kg.

Shorthorns from SJ Hooley sold up to 175p/kg for a 640kg (twice) with a Friesian from the same vendor at 670kg achieving 172p/kg.

Top headage price was £1316 with a Friesian Bull from MM & CJ Sutton of Longsdon weighing 675kg selling well for 159p/kg.



Plenty of trade up to 238p/kg for a 480kg British Blue heifer from G Baskerville & Co and 236p/kg for a 520kg Limousin from the same vendor.

A 440kg Red Poll heifer from DA & LM Moss was well sold for 228p/kg.


Top headage price £1227.


PIGS (74);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed
Groves (07964 510145)

Pigs an absolute flying trade. Those best pigs are a pleasure to sell, plain and under finished pigs were hard work but not given away by any means. Top price 234p
for fats and 118p for sows.


Porkers topped at 234p and 232p from J&B Fentem. A run of plainer underfinished pigs sold to 110p.


Cutters topped at 229p from J&B Fentem who had others to 227p. PF&PD Parsons topped at 225p, 218p and 217p. S Bailey sold to 224p.


Bacon pigs topped at 232p from S Bailey who had another at 230p. C Hine sold to 228p, 225p & 222p and PF&PD Parsons to 227p.


Heavies topped at 194p from PF&PD Parsons.


Sows topped at 118p from J Ball, Sandbach. Other plain sows to 50p.


Pig Averages:

Pork Pigs (19)               av 158.44p/kg or £106.40/head

Cutting Pigs (15)          av 223.37p/kg or £181.38/head

Bacon Pigs (35)            av 216.53p/kg or £200.01/head

Heavy Pigs (2)              av 152.39p/kg or £166.10/head

Sow (3)                        av 74.21p/kg or £169.23/head



Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark Elliott (07973 673092)

Dairies to £1900.

A buoyant trade for dairies saw a pretty heifer from Ian Ellis of Ashover reach £1900, hot in pursuit at £1880 was a fresh second calver from Steve Ryder of Dilhorne.

Neil Stubbs of Hilderstone showed a nice run of milkers, topping at £1850 for a second calver.

If you have stock to sell, don’t hesitate to get in touch to allow us to promote them for you.

Contact Meg Elliott on 07967 007049 or Anna Wildgoose on 07532 237232.



Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)


A smaller entry of Lambs saw a slightly firmer trade with best Lambs topping at 508p/kg and a top headage of £233.28.

Overall average at 451p/kg for a more mixed sample than previous weeks.

Sample Prices:

507p    37.4kg RC&AL Adams Ltd, Great Gate

475p    38kg    IE M & A Wilson, Hollington

470p    39kg    FW Hall & Sons, Sutton on the Hill

508p    42kg    RC&AL Adams Ltd, Great Gate

500p    45.5kg D Williams, Basford

486p    48kg    D Williams, Basford



Another good show of Hoggs topped at 450p/kg and plenty at 400p and above. Top headage at £228.20.

Overall average at 376p/kg for an entry which generally lacked runs of very best Hoggs.


Sample Prices: –

418p    37.3kg J Ball, Cheddleton

440p    37.5kg SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

420p    38kg    J Ball, Cheddleton

423p    43kg    D Edge, Macclesfield

433p    43.8kg D Edge, Macclesfield

422p    44.3kg J Ball, Cheddleton

450p    44.3kg D Williams, Basford

418p    44kg    JC Stubbs, Offcote

433p    45.3kg SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

440p    45.8kg SJ Pace & Co, Congleton

430p    46kg    D Williams, Basford

426p    46.7kg O Wardrobe, Horton

410p    53kg    D Williams, Basford



Similar numbers to last week with a large contingent of hill types and mules forward again but the price is just as dear if not dearer.

Top price £190 for texels from S Wilton, Rownall.

Top 24 pens over £160.


Continental types £160+

Mules topped at £151

Plain Mules £115-£130

Hill types £95-£105


Overall average £138.00/head


Tups topped at £218 for GW&MA Hicklin, Onecote.


Overall average £126.91.


CALVES (118)

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

Wow, what a day in the calf ring with an unbelievable trade from start to finish with the calves very much in demand.



Just unreal to sell and as dear as we have ever had them. Best eight over £350 including three over £400 and a top call of £480 for a very shapy British Blue bull from

Daz Tudor. Mediums looked particularly dear £250-£320 with only a few under £250.

12 Blues av £278 to £480          D&G Tudor

5 Sims   av £320 to £425          RJ Clowes & Sons

4 Lims    av £310 to £360       RTF&PMMarshall&Son

1 Blo      av          to £350          BE Wain


Even dearer than the bulls by comparison with some looking £100 better than we have seen them recently. Four made over £400 with Brian Goodwin and SJ Hooley both at £405 with the eight best over £325. Mediums £250-£300 with just four smalls under £240.

10 Blues av £219 to £290          PR Lawley

9 Sim      av £340 to £405         SJ Hooley

4 Lims    av £321 to £405          NE Goodwin & Son

3 Blo      av £241 to £265          BE wain


As dear as anything else.

21 Here Bulls   av £131 to £315 BE wain

11 Angus Bulls av £144 to £225 GR&D Hawkins

18 Here Hfs     av £105 to £200 KW Powell

4 Angus Hfs     av £116 to £145 GR&D Hawkins

2 Linc Hfs        av £185-£200   Birch Bros


A Montbeliarde made £145 and A Shorthorn £130 with the majority £36-£60.




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