Market Report Tuesday 8th August

The weather kept fine for us today although not much sunshine on offer.

 Dairies saw a much smaller trade today than last week in anticipation of next weeks Pedigree sale where a large entry has already been received.

 Lambs saw a good seasonal entry with best sorts topping at 300p/kg.

 Pigs, Fat pigs saw a scorching trade today topping at 243p/kg or £235.44. All sizes are in demand and it was good to see some new vendors in today.

 Calves saw similar numbers to last week lots of potential buyers around the ring, the best Limousin topped at £445. 

Barren cows topped at 194p/kg for W E Turnock, Leek. We have a good number of buyers in attendance each week looking for all types of clean cattle.


Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976

A small entry once again but no shortage of buyers around the ring today.

Top prices were:

194p/kg 620kg Holstein WE Turnock & Sons, Onecote

184p/kg 575kg Hereford M Salt, Hollington

172p/kg 470kg Holstein AA,WA&AFallows, Congleton

166/kg 650kg Angus      MJ&VP Oliver, Congleton

Other prices included 165p/kg for a 775kg Holstein and 162p/kg for a 490kg Holstein.

Other top prices included;

160p/kg for a 740kg Holstein, 160p/kg for a Brown Swiss.


A 735kg Hereford Steer was well sold and exchanged hands for 226p/kg, £1661.

There are a good number of buyers in attendance each week looking for all types of clean cattle.

 PIGS (116);

Selling time – 9:15am

Auctioneer – Ed Groves (07964 510145)

 FAT TRADE ON FIRE topping at 243p/kg or £235.44. All sizes in demand today with those best white pigs commanding a premium. Nice to see some new vendors today. Sows a serious trade topping at 128p/kg.  


Only two porkers on offer which were native bred on the leaner side realising 80p/kg from P Swinson. 

 Cutting Pigs 

Cutters topped at 240p/kg for 84kg pigs from MC & E Beattie. Not far behind S Bailey at 239p/kg, R Watson, Frodsham sold pigs to 238p and J&B Fentem had a run to 238, 237, 236. 

 Bacon Pigs 

Bacon pigs were the order of the day topping at 243p from Massie Farms, Sstafford who had others to 242, 241, 240×3, 238 & 237. MC & E Beattie had pigs to 239p x2. R Watson had pigs to 238 and Sam Harper had pigs to 236p. 


Top price 216p/kg for a 109kg pig from PF + PD Parsons, Sam Harper had a 114kg pig to 203p/kg. 


Only two sows on offer topping at 128p for a 234kg sow from R Johnston, Derby and 112p for a 236kg sow from Marsdon & Paddock. 

Pig Averages.

(2)             av 80p/kg or £50.80/head

Cutting Pigs (30);   av 208.19p/kg or £165.65/head

Bacon Pigs (77);     av 233.20p/kg or £218.12/head

Heavy Pigs (5)        av 180.21p/kg or £215.12/head

Cull Sows (2)          av. 119.97p/kg  or £281.92/head 


Selling time – 11:30am

Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark
Elliott (07973 673092)

 Just a small entry for the week before next week’s Pedigree sale where a big entry has been received. A super Pedigree newly calved Heifer for Philip Critchlow at Cubley topped today’s sale at £2200 and sold to a local dairy farm. 


Selling time 11:00am

Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929


A good seasonal entry seeing a firmer trade, in line with the modest lift in demand nationally.

Best lambs at 300p/kg, with better typed generally at 280p/kg and better. Bigger weights good to sell, with plenty at £130/head and better.

Overall average at 268p/kg and very few at less than 250p/kg.

Overall average at £112.50/head all in.

 Sample prices.

289p    34kg    M Jones, Leek

286p    38kg     SFG Clowes, Leek

287p    38kg    M Siekacz, Biddulph Moor

288p    40kg    J Clulow, Leek

296p    41kg     IE M & A Wilson, Hollington

286p    41kg     S J Pace & Co, Congleton

290p    48kg     D Williams, Basford

300p    50kg     JM Robinson, Swythamley

280p    53kg     JM Robinson, Swythamley

276p    53kg     AE&K Simpson, Leek

 CULL SHEEP (269);

A reasonable entry, quantity less, with a lot of lean freshly weaned ewes in the entry. Nonetheless, a solid trade throughout.

 Best Texel Ewes at £165/head, with plenty of heavy ewes £140/head and better.

Overall average at £92.31

CALVES (101);

Selling time – 10:00am

Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)

A smaller entry of calves met a packed ring of potential buyers with all grades well bid for.

38 Continental Bulls

Best Limousin peaked today’s market at £445 with a proportion of Chanel Island X bulls bringing the overall averages back and not reflecting the true trade of the day.

14 British Blues av £191-£318  Woodward Partners

6 Simmentals   av £231-£350  H&E Bailey& Partners

17Limousin     av £246-£445  J Kirkham

 1 Charolais            £165           R & R Moss

Overall Average £222                                               

31 Continental Heifers

An outstanding British Blue Heifer attracted very brisk bidding to peak at £360 with Limousins to £320.


13 British Blues av £174-£360  D & JK Mellor

11 Simmentals av £200-£270   H&E Bailey& Partners

7 Limousins     av £146-£320   FE Whittaker & Sons

Overall average £177                                                                

11 Natives

Not many on offer but demand very good with the Aberdeen Angus taking the top slot in both Heifers and Bull calves.

3 Angus Bulls av £116 to £220  KW Twemlow & Co

1 Angus Heifer to £230  AE Allcock

5 Hereford Bulls av £123 to £195 G&E Critchlow & Sons

1 Herford Heifer    £92 G&E Critchlow & Sons           

1 Welsh Black Heifer to £112   D & JK Mellor                                                              

Black & Whites

Demand good for both rearing and processing buyers with best up to £90 and an average of £48.

7 Reared Calves

Reared Calves finished the day off in style this week with plenty of buyers staying to the end.

Aberdeen Angus Steers sold to £370

Aberdeen Angus Bulls sold to £310

Aberdeen Angus Heifers sold to £300




If your farm holding has a 12 monthly herd TB test, then
cattle purchased onto that holding from a high-risk area (as mapped at
must be Post-Movement Tested. I.e. Cattle must be Post-Movement
tested 60 to 120 days after purchase on your holding. For more details, please
speak to our Market Office.

Customers selling Livestock at Leek Auctions must have
fully completed movement forms which declare what TB-test interval takes place
on your holding so that we can pass this information onto the purchasers.



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